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Hi there!

My name is Anna, I have recently joined the team as Senior Talent Acquisition. Maybe we've already met :)

Since blockchain and staking are new to me, I faced the challenge of having to dive deep into the cryptocurrency world.

Was I scared of doing it? Not at all :)

First of all, I have experience in changing industries as I'm sure most of you have also done without too much difficulty, but more importantly, I fell in love with the team.

Their professionalism, drive and support naturally fill you up and a few months later I can confidently say that the team is a super-power. It’s not just the team that inspires you but also the tasks.

So let's talk about everything in order :)

I was first determined to learn more about the Product Manager role.

My main idea was to interview (You are surely shocked to hear about interviews from a recruiter) our internal employees, Product Managers mostly.

So I prepared a list of questions and booked some calls.

The first question was devoted to the market perspective.

Our team believes in the power of decentralised finance, a system that is supposed to be fair to everyone. It all seems like a dream, doesn’t it?

And despite recent events, the crypto market has not stopped its development, despite minor setbacks, it is still growing more and more.

The next question that made me curious was about the product itself and how we can describe it, in simple terms, to people outside the crypto community.

In general, all respondents mentioned that “staking is an analogue to a bank deposit”. The most intriguing fact here is that staking is a low-risk and secure product, so the client is only exposed to price fluctuations of the currency, but not staked funds.

Furthermore, our CPO was kind enough to expand my knowledge and tell me about the different products for each of our target audiences:

  1. We provide blockchain foundation teams with infrastructure and services for faster product development.
  2. We provide investors with a single entry point to all blockchains.
  3. We provide developers with access to blockchain data.

Yep, we are that cool :)

And what is more, we have big plans in terms of our future development. Stay tuned :)

A vital aspect to mention is our success. What made our product successful?

Everyone (including me) highlights our team of amazing experts who are dedicated to the idea. At creativity is encouraged, a positive atmosphere is fostered and high-quality standards of work are established. We do not hesitate to say that we have unique expertise in the market.

We are really open and we try to support all the members of the crypto community and help our customers (I also mean a consultant-based approach).

The next question that logically follows from the previous one is "why do customers choose"

All of my colleagues agreed that P2P is a powerful brand with a good reputation, and over the years we have developed a good network. We try to provide the best conditions for our customers. We're also big tech geeks, with a keen interest in developing cool new tech, which further increases the confidence in our brand.

I found an expression that one of our product managers came up with extremely appropriate: he said that “we are the hipsters of the market” because of our openness and willingness to help :) We are notable in the community, including our founder - Konstantin Lomashuk. He was also mentioned a lot during my conversations with colleagues as the person whose vision they trust and I'm not surprised at all, I’ve listened to Konstatin’s story.

In particular, I would like to emphasise that the key value that delivers to the market is our reliability.

We are participating in a new stage of development of web 3.0, and we believe that we can build a world with more accessible financial instruments.

P2P is ready to share its expertise, we definitely do an excellent job as a validator, we have become established validators in a lot of blockchain networks, so we have a broad outlook, and have accumulated a large set of knowledge and tools.

I know what you’re thinking now - WOW!

Let’s move on to the Product Manager (PM) role.

In our company PM is an extremely autonomous role. We see this kind of employee as the CEO of the product. However, as you might know from the famous saying: “With great power comes great responsibility” :)

There are very general KPIs a PM has to complete and there is the possibility to do it your own way. Our position is amazing for anybody that is tired of being constrained by bureaucratic procedures in corporations (usually), but instead wants to express themselves, experiment and find new ways to develop the product. On one hand, a PM is an entrepreneur, on the other, a PM can be considered an engineer (because there should be a technical background to understand the infrastructure).

Actually, the PM here is a superstar, the most “rock‘n’roll” position :)

So what is expected from the PM?

We’re looking for energetic doers, who can lead the team, we expect the PM to be the face of the company in the chosen ecosystem.

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

It would be unfair on my part to only tell you about the good things and keep silent about the challenges we have to face.

One of the biggest obstacles you need to overcome is to understand what is happening in the industry, understand how the exact result turned out and then keep the information up-to-date (it takes a load of time).

At the same time, my colleagues also mentioned as a big task the process of going deep into blockchain (and more specifically in the chosen ecosystem, which can all be very different from each other) and building relationships with professionals and developers, when you are a new person in the market.

In addition, all blockchain networks vary from each other (as I hinted at before). Each of them has its own economy and technology, and every single time we are searching for a solution on how to perform successfully in each particular case.

Moreover, it is laborious to collect good-quality data on what generally happens in blockchains as there is no unified solution.

The difficulties mentioned above can result in a loss of focus so obviously, it’s tough to concentrate and sometimes there is a lack of time for self-development.

If we speak about the company in general, of course, we have had dramatically rapid growth and that’s why our main task, for now, is establishing processes.

As you see, we are working hard to address all the challenges :)

My last question was “Why are you here?”. Such an intriguing question, many of the respondents smiled at that moment :)

Part of the answers are devoted to Konstantin. His drive and vision captures everyone! As a founder, he has an understandable value system, which is easy to live with, because it does not deceive people, both externally (customers) and internally (employees).

Undoubtedly, plenty of answers were about the idea of a prospective market and accessible financial instruments for people. Also, that crypto is an industry filled with innovations.

And finally, we’ve come to our superpower, our team :) Everyone (can you imagine?) emphasised that here at P2P, we have a team of experts, with their own unique approach and ownership culture. Together we gain experience and make dreams come true!

Evidently, at P2P, there are a lot of possibilities for self-realisation.

After all of the above, I can only say that there are even more victories and achievements ahead of us because we have the most important component of success. Yes, you’ve got it, it's our team.

I hope you enjoyed your time here with me :)

-Anna Sukhodolskaya

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