Aptos is a novel blockchain platform developed with safety and scalability in mind to address existing challenges of Web3 and provide a convenient developer and user experience.


SlashingNo slashing

Epoch Length2 hours

Unbonding period1-30 days

P2P Fee7%

Stake Aptos and pay only 1% in Validator fees

7% APR with 99.9% uptime and regular reporting 1M APT minimum stake required

Aptos ā€“ Stake APT and pay only 1%
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Top-3 world AAA-rated staking provider

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Staking rewards

Verified Staking Provider

Staking tools for your Web3 business


24/7 Support

Get access to personal support and dedicated product managers

Autocompounding (WIP)

Community Tools

P2P is active ecosystem contributor and hackathon participant

staking reports

Reward & Tax reports

Advanced reporting methods for our institutional clients

realtime dashboards

Unique expertise

Top-notch validation expertise across 40+ networks from 2018

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Launch white label node with P2P Team

99,9% uptime SLA + Validator fee discount



Aptos is an independent project built on the foundation of Diem blockchain research & development initiated by Meta (formerly Facebook) with a mission to provide outstanding user experience and onboard a billion people to Web3

P2P has more than four years of experience operating validator infrastructure for 40+ networks. We participated in Aptos Incentivised Testnet and reached one of the best performances. P2P was among the selected by Aptos Labs partners to run infrastructure on their behalf. We provide 24/7 technical and client support. More than 25000 delegators trust P2P to secure 1,5 billion USD value

Staking rewards are distributed every epoch (~2 hours) and automatically added to the active stake (compounded)

Lockup duration is set by Aptos governance

Slashing is currently not activated for the Aptos blockchain

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Why P2P?

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Optimal APR

The P2P team uses their experience and expertise to set up the infrastructure in a way that provides the highest possible APR to our customers. At Aptos, our initial goal was to provide premium APR with the highest uptime

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We know Staking

We have been staking on various networks for over four years. During that time, we have accumulated unique expertise in the field, created a talented team, and are now developing new solutions. We are committed to helping our customers get the most out of staking.

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