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EigenLayer Restaking

Earn additional rewards in EigenLayer network by Native Ethereum restaking.

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Eigen Layer ā€“ Restake your coins


Total value locked (TVL)


Supported PoS blockchains


Institutional clients

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SOC 2 Type I certified provider by KirkpatrickPrice

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ETH staking dApp

Stake ETH directly, restake with EigenLayer, use DVT technology through our dApp, or integrate it as widget in your product and bring staking to your users

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Multichain staking platform

An enterprise-grade solution to stake across popular networks via your Web3 wallet connect or API, review staking data and generate reports, and get help from our 24/7 support

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API staking

Connect with a single API key to stake in multiple networks

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Direct PoS staking

Choose from 30+ PoS blockchains and get the best staking offers

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Data products

Get access to real-time blockchain data via Staking Data API & Dashboards

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Our customers

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Custodians & funds

New revenue opportunities: stake funds directly or bring staking to clients with our secure API and white-label staking solutions.

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CEX, DEX & wallets

Increase your customers: integrate our staking solutions, give highest APR to your clients, engage users and get revshare.

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Private investors

Stake fast and securely: stake ETH directly in our dApp or Platform or choose one of 30+ PoS networks and get a special offer!

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L1, L2 networks & rollups-as-a-service

Unlock the Web3 community: by partnering with us, we help scale your network or integrate services into the platform to grow revenue and customers.

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Staking over $500K+ in digital assets?

Reach out to our team to discuss the best offers available to you.

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Stake coins with p2p.org

Purpose built for our clients

Legal & regulatory compliant

Adhere to your regulatory requirements by generating tailored reporting that aligns with local jurisdiction

Clear documentation

Save time, money and resources on integration with our straightforward API and UI user guides.

Special offers to large stakers

Get a bespoke offer for stakes over $500K+ across various networks.

Various staking opportunities

Stake directly, integrate our white-label dAPP, or get API keys and build your staking product

Latest market innovations

Try the latest staking market practices like MEV relays or DVT staking or Eigenlayer re-staking

24/7 Expert support

Always onhand personal customer support agents, ensuring quick resolutions for all your needs

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Latest news

Increase your ETH staking APY by up to 40% with DVT staking

Maximize security and minimize costs with our pioneering DVT integration

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Stake coins with p2p.org

January 23, 2024

P2P.org and Renzo Partner for Decentralize Node Infrastructure
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November 24, 2023

Announcing a Milestone Partnership: P2P.org Teams up with Matrixport to Offer Staking Infrastructure
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December 5, 2023

P2P.org and Mantle Forge Strategic Alliance to Introduce Enhanced ETH Staking Services
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Frequently Asked Question

Starting in 2018, P2P provides secure non-custodial staking services for professional investors, allowing token holders to participate in staking without the heavy lifting of running a node. Learn more here.

Cryptocurrency staking is the process of holding coins/tokens (stake) in order to hold rights to participate in the validation of transaction blocks, and in doing so Validators are recompensed with rewards. Learn more here.

Staking rewards are recompensation in the form of tokens (ex DOT in Polkadot) that validators receive for validating transactions and ensuring the accuracy of POS blockchains. Validators will distribute these rewards to their delegators after taking a small commission to pay for their services. You can find the list of our rewards here.

At the time of last update, we have grown to manage +$1.5 billion in staked assets across more than 25,000 investors and 25+ unique blockchain networks. Stake ETH, DOT, SOL, ATOM, XTZ, ADA and all key tokens with P2P. You can find our list here.

P2PĀ“s staking infrastructure has been set up with maximum security and performance at the forefront. With an average uptime of 99%, P2P ensures that your rewards are generated continuously whilst mitigating all performance-related risks. We set ourselves apart through expert knowledge of the digital asset ecosystem, together with comprehensive, 24/7 account monitoring and support. Learn more here.

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