Auth P2P Joins Auth Network as an Early Guardian

<p>Lost seed phrases and private keys led to<a href=""> the loss of more than hundred billions worth of digital assets</a>. Complexity of access elements and key management implies a tangible entry barrier for non-technical users who want to explore crypto ecosystems. Auth Network (prev. Torus Network) is a decentralized key management protocol that helps facilitate seamless access to a variety of services offering an elegant solution to those problems without sacrificing security.</p><p>Private keys get split to multiple pieces and in order to access a desired service a person needs to have any two of them. The first share is stored on the user’s device and the second share is managed by the social log-in provider which is further split among a crucial network of node operators. The third share is decided by the user for added security. <strong>This approach provides a remarkable level of security and simplifies key recovery.</strong></p><p>Open and accessible network allows to achieve a higher level of sovereignty over the keys making it possible to use ordinary Web2 flow to access Web3 services. Web3Auth’s pluggable SDKs can be integrated with any Web3 Application or Wallet in just under a few minutes and the users can enjoy an intuitive, seamless and non-custodial onboarding experience.</p><p><em>P2P is thrilled to join as the Auth Network Guardian to ensure secure key management within the system. The solution is fully in line with our mission of making interactions with crypto simple and secure.</em></p><p>Our team has deep expertise in operating highly-available infrastructure. We use best security practices, custom monitoring and alerting systems to ensure high efficiency of our nodes. P2P provides 24/7 technical support, transparent reward reporting and our support team is always ready to help.</p><h3 id="about-auth-network"><strong>About Auth Network</strong></h3><p>Auth Network is a decentralized and secure key management layer that uses threshold cryptography to secure users’ private keys and is operated by a diverse group of professional staking providers. Web3Auth - company that launches the initiative, is integrated with over 500 dApps and wallets and secures over 9 million keys and successfully raised ~$13M from industry leading investment firms including Sequoia Capital, USV, Multicoin Capital and many others.</p><p>Learn more by visiting <a href=""></a>,<a href=""> Twitter</a> or<a href=""> Telegram</a>. If you are a dApp developer, explore potential integration options<a href=""> here</a> and join the discussion on<a href=""> Discord</a>.</p><h3 id="about-p2p"><strong>About P2P</strong></h3><p><a href="">P2P Validator</a> is a world-leading staking provider with the best industry security  practices and proven expertise. We provide comprehensive due-diligence  of digital assets and offer only top-notch staking opportunities. At the time of the latest update, <strong>more than 3 billion of USD value is staked with P2P Validator by over 20,000 delegators across 25+ networks.</strong> We are early Web3Auth investors committed to provide long term support for the network.<br><br><br></p>


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