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P2P has the largest Graph Networks Indexer globally, with a 35M GRT balance and 560M GRT capacity. Get started with GRT delegation today.


The Graph


Annual percentage rate (APR)

APR is dynamic and depend on the size of allocated stake and indexing subgraphs. It is subject to tangible changes and should be considered as a raw estimate.
8% P2P fee

Largest Graph Indexer

Own stake 35M GRT, staking capacity over 500M GRT


Dedicated Support

24/7 technical DevOps support team


Indexer Reward Analytics

In-house analyst department to maximise earnings

Frequently Asked Questions

The Graph is a decentralized protocol for indexing blockchain data and making it easily accessible for developers to power the most usable applications of Web3.

The Graph staking reward is approximately 11%.

The Graph staking rewards are distributed after each reallocation, P2P calculates the best reallocation strategy for our delegators. Usually it takes 7-25 days, depends on market state.

The Graph network has a 28 day unstaking period throughout which your tokens will not be transferable or earning rewards.

There is no slashing risk for delegators.

There is no minimum staking amount for GRT staking with P2P Validator.

Yes, The Graph staking rewards are compounded daily, automatically.

The Graph network inflation rate is approximately 3% per year.

To learn more about staking The Graph (GRT), visit our The Graph Help Centre.