P2P Raises Polkadot fee while continuing to invest in secure and data-driven staking

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P2P Validator has been supporting the Polkadot network since the very first era. Our refined products allow nominators to easily manage investments and receive a detailed report on their staking income.

We are invested in the development of the Polkadot network and believe in its long-term prospects. However, the market conditions force us to review the fee to be able to keep contributing to the network and the community.

What have we done?

For over eight months under a reduced fee, we did not stop the development activity in the Polkadot network. Here is a list of the most significant achievements that we have released for the Polkadot community:

  1. Monitoring-as-a-service telegram bot. A bundle of Grafana dashboards and a telegram bot for Polkadot & Kusama that allows the creation of a personalized dashboard to track consensus participation, block finalization efficiency and performance comparison with the network averages.
  2. A new version of the Multi Blockchain ETL solution with high-speed extraction and parachain support. We developed and supported the infrastructure for the MBELT, spending thousands of dollars every month. We believe that historical data is needed if we want to open up more widespread use cases:
    - API
    - Indexer
    - Uncollateralized lending & borrowing
    - Credit scoring
    Community analytics:
    -Dashboards for performance tracking
    -XCM messaging history
    -Various kinds of analysis

Plans for future developments

Product development inside the ecosystem is essential to support the Polkadot network and as a part of the community's long-term growth and network value.

Here is a brief list of planned releases:

  1. Slashing insurance coverage for institutional clients;
  2. A new version of the Monitoring-as-a-service tool to track the finalization of blocks.

When will the fee be increased?

We will increase the fee to 2.5% in Polkadot starting December 9, 2022. There is a lot of work ahead, and we believe that joint efforts will accelerate the evolution of the Polkadot ecosystem.

We want to thank all our nominators for their continuous support and for staking with us!

About P2P Validator

P2P Validator is a world-leading non-custodial staking provider with the best industry practices and proven expertise. At the time of publishing, P2P Validator is trusted by over 30,000 delegators across 40+ networks.

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