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Annual percentage rate (APR)

The value is relevant for unlocked MINA. Value can change based on network conditions and highly dependent on random factor of slot rights distribution.
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Frequently Asked Questions

MINA is a blockchain with a fixed size of ~22kb allowing any participant to seamlessly join to verify and secure the network even with smartphones.

Coinbase represents a reward for a successfully produced block in a given slot. The rights for receiving a slot by validators are calculated by VRF (verifiable random function) per unit of a currency. If the particular slot was won by an account that delegated to a block producer and doesn’t have vested tokens then this block will contain a double coinbase called supercharged. That is why we recommend moving your rewards to a separate account and delegate unlocked MINA from there.

You can purchase Mina on Kraken, Gate and OKEx exchanges.

There is no slashing risk for delegators, node operators distribute block coinbase manually so dishonest validators can in theory forfeit the rewards. P2P has operated Tezos bakery with a similar reward distribution logic for over two years and has earned a solid reputation of an honest baker in the community.

Currently you can delegate only using the command line tool. Follow our step-by-step guide to stake you MINA with P2P.

Staking pool receives rewards for every non-empty slot. P2P will strive to distribute coinbase after every successfully produced block, but in the early days of the network we may stick with epoch based reward distribution (~14-15 days).

No, but there is a delay of two epochs prior delegation will become active to participate in reward generation (~30 days).

MINA staking return depends on inflation, which is set to 12% from total supply for the first year. This amount will be distributed as a block rewards that will change dynamically to target this inflation rate based on the number of slots in the epoch. This number is expected to be proportional to the staked tokens. You can find more details of Mina economics in their paper.