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Frequently Asked Questions

Tezos is an open-source blockchain network for peer-to-peer transactions. It serves as a platform for deploying and executing smart contracts.

The Tezos staking reward is approximately 6.1%.

The first rewards are distributed after approximately 35 days. After this, rewards will be distributed approximately every 2.83 days. With P2P you get first rewards after 21-23 days.

There is no unstaking period in the Tezos network and your tokens will be transferable immediately upon unstaking.

There is no slashing risk for delegators.

There is no minimum staking amount. We value all delegators no matter how big or small the stake. However, if you stake less than 1 XTZ, your rewards will be paid every 3 months.

Yes, Tezos staking rewards are compounded automatically.

The Tezos network inflation rate is approximately 5% per year.

To learn more about staking Tezos (XTZ), visit our Tezos Help Centre.