Network status

December 2021

Release date


Annual percentage rate (APR)

Inflation is set 36,6% for the first 5 years, APR depends on percentage of staked NU, staking commitment period, compounding option, and network compensation coefficient.


Network status

December 2021

Release date

T staking with P2P

P2P invested its own funds in the project in 2017 and intends to support the network in the long term. Our team has close connections with Threshold team and deep technical expertise.

You can:

Rent ready-to-use Threshold node to stake your T
Our dedicated technical DevOps team will do all the technical work for you. We handle the everyday operations on the delegated stake without actually owning the staked tokens. We cannot transfer delegated tokens.

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Highly available infrastructure with alerts and monitoring


Personal assistance

Nominated account manager with rapid response


Support 24/7

Dedicated technical DevOps support team

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We will be happy to arrange a personal call with you, consulting on our staking services and features. P2P provides tax-compliant rewards reporting, personal 24/7 support, and fee rebates.

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