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Secure and efficient staking pool focused on long term relationships with delegators.

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Annual percentage rate (APR)

APR can vary due to changing network conditions, top-up and differ from day to day depending on assigned shards.
17% P2P fee

Uptime >99,98%

Highly available infrastructure with alerts and monitoring


Trusted by 10,000+ clients

P2P provides secure non-custodial staking for clients all over the world


24/7 tech & client support

Experienced DevOps engineers and dedicated support managers ready to help any time

Frequently Asked Questions

MultiversX is a secure and decentralized blockchain network that allows for innovative applications in various fields, including the emerging metaverse.

The EGLD token is currently trading on various exchanges. You can look for available markets at coingecko.

MultiversX validators may be penalized for network rules violation and lose a portion of stake for serious offences. In case of continuous downtime validators lose rating and ability to produce rewards due to jailing. P2P takes slashing risks very seriously and uses world-leading infrastructure security practices. Our DevOps team has 3+ years of experience in maintaining highly-available nodes.

Yes! By staking with P2P you are not giving away ownership of EGLD. The staking process is non-custodial and there is no way for validators to take control of your holdings.

You can use MultiversX Web Wallet or XPortal Mobile Wallet to securely delegate your EGLD.

Your delegation becomes active in the next epoch (~24h). Staking rewards are available after epoch change with optionality to claim or restake (compound).

You have to claim your EGLD (not necessarily every epoch) and re-stake to achieve compounding effect.

Yes, it takes 10 full epochs to unstake EGLD. Rewards are not accrued during this period.

The MultiversX annual staking yield depends on multiple factors like amount of top-up, number of nodes, fees etc. P2P implies dynamic fee strategy in order to achieve optimal staking experience for our delegators and provide steady rewards in the long term.

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