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Annual percentage rate (APR)

15% P2P fee
How to delegate?

How many IRISs do you have?

Calculate your possible returns. Stake IRIS with P2P and earn more rewards every day!

Holding value

300,000 IRIS$4,200

Daily earnings

71.26 IRIS$0.99

Monthly earning

2,167.5 IRIS$30.34

Yearly earning

26,010 IRIS$364.14

Delegating step by step

1. Download and install the testnet Rainbow Wallet on your mobile device
2. If you don’t have wallet tap create wallet on te first screen when you loaded the app.
3. To make a delegation, tap on IRIS under the Available Assets label.
4. On the bottom bar, tap “Stake”. This will bring you to the screen with information about your delegation records and statistics.
5. In the next screen tap “View all Validators”. This will bring you to the list of available validators on the network, ranked by stake
6. After comparing different validators and choosing your preferred one, in the information page after you scroll down, there’s the “Delegate” button, tap that to initiate a delegation.
7. This last screen is a second chance to review the information before triggering the transaction. When ready, tap on “Confirm”.
8. Once delegation is successful, under your Delegation Records, you will find your newly made delegation to the chosen validator.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IRISnet?

IRISnet is the incorporation of a service-oriented infrastructure into the Cosmos blockchain. IRISnet offers integration of business services by heterogeneous systems.

What is the IRISnet staking APY?

How often are staking rewards distributed?

Is there an unstaking period?

Is there a slashing risk for validators?

Is there a minimum staking amount for IRISnet?

Do staking rewards compound?

What is the IRISnet inflation rate?

Where can I learn more about IRISnet staking?