NEAR is a platform for decentralized applications focused on scalability and usability. Developers can code in java or rust and end users benefit from a seamless experience with fast transactions with negligible fees.

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Live accounts>20M

Reward frequency~15h

Unbonding period45-60h

P2P fee7%

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$ 473
Annualized reward8%
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  • Monthly earnings0.61 NEAR$ 3
  • Yearly earnings7.36 NEAR$ 35

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NEAR is a novel platform for building decentralized applications that can power the Open Web paradigm, eliminating scalability issues.

Delegators secure the blockchain by staking and receive corresponding rewards proportional to their stake. Initial APR is expected to be in the range of 6-20%

There will be no slashing for delegators. Nevertheless, providing the highest possible uptime is crucial, as rewards will gradually decrease depending on the performance. We run highly-available infrastructure with 24/7 monitoring & backups to maintain 99,9% uptime and ensure that you receive maximum rewards from staking with us

It is recommended to use Ledger for secure delegation. Visit our Near delegation guide to check the available delegation options. If you have troubles with delegation, please, contact us for help or ask in our telegram chat.

Yes, you do. There is no way for validators to dispose of your holdings. When will I start to earn rewards, and how frequently?

Rewards are added up to the staked amount every epoch (~15h) and can be claimed manually by initiating unbonding.

Unbonding period is 45-60 hours. After that, tokens that are not vested become transferable.

The network inflation is set to ~5%, where 4,5% goes to validators and their delegators while 0,5% goes to the treasury to support the long-term ecosystem sustainability. These rewards are distributed to the network participants based on validator uptime and staked ratio.

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