Mantle, Staking, LSP and Mantle Forge Strategic Alliance to Introduce Enhanced ETH Staking Services

<p> has entered into a strategic alliance with Mantle, an emerging DAO-led <strong>ecosystem built around the Ethereum layer 2 Mantle Network</strong>, intending to broaden the availability of liquid staking solutions through the Mantle LSP liquid staking protocol.</p><p>Our decision to join forces with Mantle stemmed from a proactive approach. We saw a unique opportunity with <strong>Mantle's roadmap to develop new liquid staking opportunities</strong>, and wanted to offer its expertise to be part of this innovative venture. Mantle LSP requires a reliable staking provider that guarantees fast execution of setting-up and exiting validators.</p><p>Mantle's approach resonated with us, particularly their need for a flexible, no third-party, direct integration flow. It was important for Mantle LSP not to use any third-party intelligent contracts, in essence, to act as a proxy for the request of new validators. This resulted in a more secure staking operation.</p><p><strong>This collaboration allows us to provide tailored solutions, meeting Mantle LSP's specific requirements while expanding our client base </strong>and exploring new staking dynamics similar to leading platforms like Lido. In essence, working with Mantle aligns perfectly with our mission to innovate and adapt in the evolving landscape of Ethereum staking.</p><p>The collaboration between and Mantle is aligned with their shared vision of promoting decentralized technologies and encouraging broader participation in the staking ecosystem. This alliance aims to democratize staking rewards and elevate the overall user experience by facilitating easy access to liquid staking opportunities.</p><p>This strategic alliance underscores's commitment to delivering innovative, user-centric solutions that foster the growth and adoption of decentralized technologies. Incorporating Mantle LSP's liquid staking capabilities further solidifies's standing as a leading staking services provider.</p><p>As the decentralized landscape continues to evolve, and Mantle are dedicated to collaboratively developing innovative solutions that enhance user experiences and propel the advancement of staking technologies. This alliance signifies a significant stride in making stakes more accessible and enabling users to participate actively in the decentralized economy.</p><p><strong>An Insight Into Mantle: More Than Just a Network</strong></p><p>Mantle is a beacon for decentralized and token-governed technologies, encompassing an array of products like Mantle Network, Mantle Governance (DAO), and Mantle Treasury. With its native token, $MNT, Mantle states its plan to unify its products and steer its governance, making it a central force within its ecosystem.</p><p><strong>Joining Hands for a Collaborative Future</strong></p><p>Our collaboration with Mantle reflects's commitment to a cooperative and collective future for decentralized finance. Throughout this journey, our dedication remains focused on ensuring that our users and the broader community can fully leverage the advantages of this collaborative partnership.</p><p><strong>Contact Us</strong></p><p>For those interested in delving deeper into our joint initiatives with Mantle or gaining a better understanding of's overarching vision, <strong>we encourage you to reach out and connect with us.</strong> Embracing the decentralized future, we, alongside partners such as Mantle, look forward to actively contributing to its development.</p><p>To obtain further information about our collaboration or explore Mantle's innovative realm, please visit <a href="">Mantle's official website</a> or engage with our dedicated team on our official <a href="">Telegram channel.</a></p>

Kamil Jakub Natil

from p2p validator