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Annual percentage rate (APR)

APY is subject to change according to the staking ratio.
10% P2P fee

Frequently Asked Questions

Regen Networks is a proof-of-stake blockchain built to track and verify ecological state claims and agreements. Regen Networks incentivizes regenerative land practices causing a valuable impact on global ecosystems and climate change.

The REGEN token is not currently trading and there is no active market for them. Please wait for an official announcement from the Regen team about the upcoming token sale.

Regen validators may be penalized for network rules violation. In case of continuous downtime there is a 0.01% slashing penalty and in case of double signing a 5% penalty. P2P takes slashing risks very seriously and uses world-leading infrastructure security practices. Our DevOps team has 3+ years of experience in maintaining highly-available nodes in Cosmos SDK based blockchains like Regen Networks without any slashing events.

Yes! By staking with P2P you are not giving away ownership of REGEN. The staking process is non-custodial and there is no way for validators to take control of your holdings.

The most convenient way to stake REGEN is to use the Keplr extension to securely delegate Regen. We have prepared a detailed step-by-step Regen staking guide with screenshots.

Immediately after your delegation is completed you will start receiving payouts each block (every ~7 sec). Earned tokens will become available immediately through manual withdrawal.

Yes, there is a 21-day unbonding period for unstaking Regen.

The Regen annual staking yield depends on inflation which is dynamically changing between 7% - 20%. This is according to the current staking ratio of the network. Only delegators receive staking rewards.