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P2P will donate 10,000 ADA to plant 10,000 trees to the Cardano Forest project on behalf of all our delegators who have been active for at least one epoch since October 20 (remember that you have to wait for the two epochs to become an active delegator). Once we reach 10,000 active delegators, payment will be made and visible on the project’s board. Just delegate your ADA to any of the P2P pools and watch the Cardano forest grow!
Active delegators
goalGoal: 10,000 ADA

P2P has committed to donating 1 ADA per every new active delegator to grow the Cardano forest in 2022.



Annual percentage rate (APR)
0% [P2P3] Validator fee

The best for planting trees

3% [P2PCX] Validator fee

Pool saturation: Full

3% [P2P] Validator fee

Pool saturation: Full


Skin in the Game

Pledge 2M + ADA


Personal assistance

Nominated account manager with rapid response


Support 24/7

Dedicated technical DevOps support team

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Cardano is a third generation blockchain based on fundamental research with a goal to provide a highly scalable smart-contract platform for financial and social decentralized applications.

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