Cardano is a proof-of-stake blockchain platform designed to be flexible, sustainable, and scalable. There are hundreds of decentralized finance apps, crypto tokens, and blockchain games on Cardano.

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Reward frequency5 days

1 ADA0.462146 USD

Unbonding periodImmediately

P2P fee2%

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$ 462,146
Annualized reward4.23%
All numbers provided should be considered approximate calculations of possible performance
  • Daily earnings113.26 ADA$ 52
  • Monthly earnings3,439.28 ADA$ 1,589
  • Yearly earnings40,510.71 ADA$ 18,722

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We provide the highest uptime and lowest skip rates in the network

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Exclusive 0%-2% commission on public pools


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Cardano is a third-generation blockchain based on fundamental research to provide a highly scalable smart-contract platform for financial and social decentralized applications.

The Cardano staking reward is approximately 5%.

Cardano staking rewards are distributed approximately every 5 days.

There is no unstaking period in the Cardano network and your tokens will be transferable immediately upon unstaking.

There is no slashing risk for delegators.

There is no minimum staking amount for ADA staking with P2P.

Yes, Cardano staking rewards are compounded automatically.

To learn more about staking Cardano (ADA), visit our Cardano Help Centre

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How to stake

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Security as a priority

Security is a top priority in P2P. In terms of security, we haven't had an issue since 2018. Investing in Cardano with P2P is a safe and secure investment in the future. Our goal is to make these investments as comfortable and safe as possible for you.

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Over two years have passed since we became a staking provider on the Cardano network. As a result of this time, we've acquired unique expertise in the field, built a great team, and got a lot of customer feedback. Our goal is to help our clients get the most out of their Cardano stakes.

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