Individual staking conditions

Moonriver is a companion network to Moonbeam and provides a permanently incentivized canary network. New code ships to Moonriver first, where it can be tested and verified under real economic conditions. Once proven, the same code ships to Moonbeam on Polkadot.




Annual percentage rate (APR)

Assuming 50% of total supply is staked.
20% P2P fee

Moonriver staking mechanics

Staking rules

25 collators

You can delegate up to 25 collators, dividing your stake amongst your selection


Minimum delegation amount

100 delegators

Maximum delegators per collators

24 rounds

Unbond duration

2 hour

Round duration

Currently, there is no slashing



100 biggest delegators

Rewards for each round are distributed amongst the largest 100 delegators on the collator

2 rounds

Rewards are distributed automatically to the free balance 2 rounds later

No compound

Rewards are not compounded hence delegator should bond them manually


High performance

Low skip rate, high uptime


24/7 Technical & Client support

We provide technical maintenance and assistance for delegators regardless of time zones


Support for 25+ networks

We are trusted and realible validator keeping networks safe

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Moonriver?

Moonriver is a smart-contract parachain on Kusama and was created as a test environment for Moonbeam - a smart contract Polkadot platform. New code will be tested on Moonriver under real ecomomic conditions first, and once proven it will move to Moonbeam.

What is the Moonriver staking APR?

How often are Moonriver staking rewards distributed?

Is there a Moonriver unstaking period?

Is there a slashing risk for Moonriver validators?

Is there a minimum staking amount for Moonriver?

Do Moonriver staking rewards compound?

What is the Moonriver inflation rate?

Support block

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