Sui Wallet Staking and Delegation Guide

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Sui network allocated 10% of the total supply to incentivize participants with additional subsidies paid on top of gas fee rewards. It allows proof of stake delegators to maintain or increase their share of the total supply over time.

What is SUI staking?

Every SUI token holder can improve network security by delegating to mainnet validators. The process is non-custodial, and validators cannot control or steal delegated tokens. Sui does not imply slashing of initial delegation. If validators cannot maintain good performance, it can result in staking rewards being seized. It is essential to select validators wisely. is an early SUI validator that participated in all pre-mainnet testing phases, including the validator game. Our team has over six years of experience validating 40+ proof of stake networks with AAA staking rewards ratings. Our 24/7 support team is eager to help or answer your questions, feel free to join our telegram channel or visit website.

Step-by-step staking instruction

To start you need to download Sui wallet browser extension for Chrome

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