P2P Joined Sui Mainnet as a Genesis Validator

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The world of blockchains is evolving rapidly, with innovations and improvements in design and user experience. The goal is to create a platform that can serve the needs and aspirations of billions of people worldwide. Today, we are excited to celebrate the launch of Sui - a next-generation layer one blockchain with modular architecture and parallel execution powered by Move language.

Sui uses a proof of stake mechanism that aligns validators' incentives with the network's long-term health. The team introduces the reference gas price (RGP) and storage fund to ensure predictable and affordable gas costs for users and to cover the data storage costs for validators. For every epoch, validators collectively choose the RGP, which determines their expected gas fee revenue. The storage fund is a pool of funds compensating validators for storing data on the chain over time.

Sui is based on an object-oriented data model, where each object is a data piece with its own identifiers and attributes. Users can freeze objects or share them without giving up their ownership rights. This allows for more flexibility and creativity in designing applications on Sui, including collaborative scenarios. For example, users can share the game object with a streaming platform object to broadcast the game live or freeze the game object to preserve its original version.

We are proud to be a genesis validator for Sui mainnet after participating in all the testing phases. This aligns with our vision of supporting the most cutting-edge projects fostering adoption in the blockchain space.

Our infrastructure is secure, reliable, and distributed across different locations. We have a dedicated team of experts monitoring infrastructure 24/7 and ensuring smooth and timely upgrades. We also have a robust alert system that enables us to respond quickly to any issues or updates.

If you hold SUI tokens, you can delegate them to our public node and earn rewards for securing the network.

About Sui

Sui is a revolutionary blockchain network that aims to achieve high scalability and low costs while maintaining fast and secure transactions. Sui team has a wealth of experience and expertise in building scalable and secure systems since working on Novi/Diem at Meta. Sui has also attracted the support of prominent investors such as Jump, a16z, Binance Labs, Kosmos VC, and many others.

To find out more and join the community, visit the official Sui website, developer portal and join Discord

About P2P

P2P Validator is a leading staking provider with a proven track record and best-in-class security standards. We carefully select evaluating the most promising networks and offer only the best staking opportunities. As of the latest update, over 1.5 billion USD worth of assets staked with us by more than 40,000 delegators across 35+ networks. We have also successfully participated in all phases of Sui testing prior mainnet. P2P is committed to the long-term success of Sui ecosystem.

Feel free to join the P2P community, visit the official website, and subscribe to our Twitter and Telegram.

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