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Tutorial: Transferring MPOND from Matic to Ethereum

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The following is a step-by-step guide to transferring MPONDs earned in FlowMint stakedrop from Matic to Ethereum, and staking them using the Marlin network for an approximate APR of 10-12%.

Adding MPOND to MetaMask

  1. To begin, you must harvest your MPOND from FlowMint stakedrop.
  2. To see your MPONDs on the MetaMask on Matic, add the MPOND token as a Custom Token in the MetaMask settings. To do so, navigate to MetaMask, click 'Add Token' and input the contract code below:

 MPOND contract - 0x27B064fE4B708fDa0fD0C4ff2b78a1e4DAB812D1.

Transferring MPOND from Matic to MetaMask

  1. To begin the process, go to wallet.matic.network/bridge and connect your MetaMask using the Matic Network add-in.

When prompted, select the following options:

After configuring details, press Transfer.

After pressing transfer you will be prompted with a transaction overview screens. Press continue as in the screenshots pictured below.

After confirming the transaction, you have to wait for the initialisation process. You can see the transaction status in the upper right corner. After a successful confirmation, you will pay fee in MATIC.

Once the "Checkpoint" has arrived [see image on the right above], switch the network in the MetaMask settings from Matic to Ethereum and click Continue.

Sign the transaction on the Ethereum network to initiate the withdrawal of MPOND tokens from Matic to Ethereum.

After the transaction is signed, you will receive the MPOND tokens on the Ethereum network.  To see the MPOND token in Metamask, use the MPOND contract address on the Ethereum network.  

MPOND contract address: 0x1C77d15857646687005dbbAfFf5873F4495a9731

Now you can stake your MPOND tokens!

Use the following tutorial to stake your POND/MPOND tokens with P2P Validator.

If you have any questions, please stop by the P2P Telegram.

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