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2019 was a year chock full with meaningful events in staking space. It was marked by the launch of Cosmos Hub, Terra money, IRIS network, Algorand, Kusama network, Kava and many other Proof-Of-Stake based blockchains on mainnet.

There are lots of ongoing activities across various systems, solid projects with high potential for finding market fit launched incentivized testnets. Solana, Oasis Labs and Celo are amongst them.

We joined Chainlink as a node operator to improve decentralization of an oracle network and help solving the lack of real-world data for smart-contracts.

In Tezos, Cosmos Hub and IRIS network we participated in every on-chain governance and there was a great feeling of true collaboration between stakeholders who are really interested in the best possible future for the ecosystem.

In 2019 Cosmos ecosystem grew to over 100 projects and Tezos ecosystem attracted over 1000 developers to facilitate continuous building. The Proof-Of-Stake space is still highly experimental and we are excited to be at the front of the movement to a fair and efficient future.

P2P Validator vision

Since January 1st of 2019, asset value locked in staking increased nine times over and reached $6,5B.

[^Pic. 1]: Data from stakingrewards.com

We are absolutely confident that the Proof-Of-Stake ecosystem will continue to grow. With this in mind, P2P Validator will continue to extend communities of enthusiasts and developers. We will show the best ways of staking and the various opportunities offered by novel business models across the networks we support.

We will also focus on making staking as simple, secure and attractive as possible. For us being a reliable validator is a key business activity. Our focus here is on slashing risk minimization and active participation in governance of various platforms.

Non-custodial staking allows every user to be in control of their assets eliminating risks associated with third parties and represents the safest way of participating in the ecosystem, especially for big investors. Our goal is to simplify interactions with hardware wallets by UI and be competitive in terms of various complementary services. Today, only at p2p.org you can delegate ATOM, KAVA and XTZ with ledger in one place using our simple delegation tool.

As of today, we provide validation services for 15 networks including testnets and plan to support more groundbreaking projects that have competitive advantages and a clear go-to market strategy. The process of making decisions about joining a network is complex as our resources and ability to add sufficient value are limited. As part of this, we are closely watching the development of Dfinity, NuCypher, Telegram Open Network, Polkadot Network, and projects emerging in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Our achievements

We started as a small bakery in Tezos with only $2m value delegated with us, most of it our own funds. Today over $35m is locked in staking through our infrastructure across 15 blockchains and more than 700 delegators use our services trusting our expertise.

We paid out over $700k rewards to our delegators making each transaction transparent and available in our multi-asset dashboard.

For our Tezos delegators we insured all payouts with Baking Bad and have shortened the time before the first payout by 40% eliminating the 5 cycle freeze for rewards. In addition, we achieved stable AAA+ rating on MyTezosBaker with over 100% baking efficiency according to TezosNodes reaching the top 5 Tezos validators by staking balance. We are proud to be such a robust staking partner and we will continue to do our best to remain so and improve further.

Overall, the uptime of our nodes across all networks is 99,98%. This is a good measurement of our availability and the robustness of our setup.

We haven't experienced any downtime or double-sign slashing even in the case of a Google Cloud provider crash as we had set best class monitoring and alert systems working for the convenience of our delegators 24/7.

To contribute to building the community we conducted the first meetup related to Cosmos network in Moscow. We co-organized the First Tezos Moscow meetup supported by Tezos Commons. If you missed it you can watch a recording with English subtitles.

We were one of the winners of Cosmos Game Of Stakes and participated in incentivized testnets of IRIS Network, Terra Money, DAO BET, Cyberway, Kava, Kusama Network since the beginning providing validation services on mainnet since the first day.

7 reasons to add P2P Validator to your favorites list

Here are some perks and useful components of our services:

  1. Simple Non-Custodial Staking with Ledger
  2. We have been investing since 2014 and always put our own skin in the game
  3. Secure infrastructure with 24/7 monitoring and alert systems
  4. Special conditions starting from $500k
  5. Multi-asset dashboard to track staking portfolio in one place
  6. Community education and development
  7. Friendly and expert support

Final words

We want to thank all the teams around the globe who have worked hard this year to build such outstanding innovative projects bringing a decentralized future one step closer. It's an honor to be a part of such an open-minded community of professional validators and active contributors. We will continue to act positively influencing the ecosystem by increasing decentralization across various networks, educating people around the world and providing reliable staking services accessible to everyone.

P2P Validator team wish everyone amazing holidays and a happy New Year. It was an eventful year but definitely a fundamental one for the further achievements.

What do you think we should improve or implement in 2020? Leave us a comment. If you have any questions we are always at your service.

P2P Validator is a Secure Non-Custodial Staking. Stay tuned for updates and new blog posts.

Web: https://p2p.org

Twitter: @p2pvalidator

Telegram: https://t.me/p2pvalidator

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