How to Redelegate your ATOM with Ledger on p2p.org

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Our team have updated the delegation tool using the Ledger device on the Cosmos network so now users can go through the redelegation process.

P2P.ORG - offers Secure & Non-Custodial Staking. No operations are possible without your confirmation, we will not request or store your private key or initial phrase.

The redelegation process allows you to change which validator you are delegating at any time and free of charge.

Use this function to change your validator if you are no longer satisfied with its services or terms. For example, high commission rates, long downtimes that reduce your rewards, or other factors.

The whole process of redelegating your ATOM is simple and can be done in a safe way in just a few minutes.

To get started just go to p2p.org/cosmos, click the Stake with Ledger button and select Redelegate

Step 1. Plug in your Ledger device and open the Cosmos app

Step 2. Choose validator and then the amount for redelegation

Note about redelegation:

If you have multiple addresses in your Ledger you can switch accounts by changing the "path" and reconnect.

Step 3. Confirm the transaction on your Ledger

After the successful redelegation, you can check all related information and monitor your rewards using P2P Dashboard.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us. We are always open for communication.

P2P Validator is a Secure Non-Custodial Staking. Stay tuned for updates and new blog posts.

Web: https://p2p.org

Stake ATOM with us: https://p2p.org/cosmos

Twitter: @p2pvalidator

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Pavel Pavlov

Product manager at p2p.org

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