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P2P Launched Dashboard For All Tezos Users

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From now, P2P Staking Dashboard expands tracking for all Tezos bakers. You can check received and pending rewards, balances and current delegations across any amount of addresses for any baker in one place.

Try it now at p2p.org

Token holders in the Tezos network are faced with the problem of tracking received and expected rewards from their baker. Often, a user who has delegated his assets does not have the opportunity to check and if the baker delays payment or stops paying at all (as was the case with Flippin Tacos), he loses the reward.

All this is even more difficult if you are baking with several bakers or splitting your assets between different addresses.

P2P Dashboard gives Tezos users an easy way to track payouts for unlimited addresses for all bakers. By adding one or more addresses to the panel, you can find information about current delegations, balances, and payments.

“ In building P2P Validator we have gained a lot of experience and learned about delegators’ needs by communicating with those in the Tezos network. We feel the love from the Tezos community and want to pay something back by solving the problem of tracking Tezos portfolios with multiple addresses. We launched P2P Dashboard and our goal is to make life easier for delegators who have 1 or more Tezos accounts!
Paul P. - product manager at p2p.org”

To start, go to p2p.org and click on the Get started button in the right corner. Connect to the panel by manually entering the address or using your Ledger device.

Try it now at!

Web: p2p.org

Stake Tezos with us: p2p.org/tezos

Twitter: @p2pvalidator

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Pavel Pavlov

Product manager at p2p.org

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