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P2P.org's Polygon Staking Guide

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Why should I stake Polygon now?

Polygon ecosystem is known for the best Business Development team in web3. They have onboarded all major real-world companies into the crypto industry, including Disney, Google, Starbucks, and others.

They are also expanding their system beyond the initial Proof-of-Stake sidechain, and now they offer a variety of solutions, including ZK EVM chain, Polygon ID for proof of personhood, all awaited launch of Polygon Miden - high-performance private ZK L2 on Ethereum and many other initiatives.

They have recently presented the Polygon 2.0 whitepaper, where they bring the next evolutionary change to the essence of what a staking token is.

P2P.org could not stand aside, so we are launching our own Polygon validator to participate in all those initiatives! If you also want to join this fastest-developing ecosystem, you can start staking your MATIC tokens with us.

If you already stake your MATIC, this guide will also provide information on how to restake with P2P.org validator - the leading infrastructure provider of the web3 ecosystem!

Step-by-step instruction - How to stake:

  1. Polygon staking is happening on Ethereum as Polygon is secured by Ethereum (Polygon PoS is becoming L2 on Ethereum)

2. To start investing in Polygon now, you should have some MATIC tokens as ERC-20 tokens on your Ethereum wallet.

The most popular wallet solutions for Ethereum are Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, and Safe (former Gnosis Safe). You can also connect any other wallet using WalletConnect.

3. MATIC can be acquired either on Centralised Exchanges (like Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, and others) or decentralized exchanges or aggregators (1Inch, Uniswap, Curve, or others)

If you have bought your tokens on Centralised Exchange, first you need to transfer them to your wallet.

4. For all actions, you should also pay gas in ETH, so you will be required to have some ETH on the same wallet (approx. 0.01 ETH, but this value is volatile because of gas prices on Ethereum)

5. When you have acquired some MATIC & ETH, you can go to the official Polygon staking page at https://staking.polygon.technology/validators/162

6. Connect your wallet

7. Click Become a Delegator

8.  A pop-up will appear

You will have to make two transactions:

9.  Success! You are now a part of the fast-developing Polygon Ecosystem, and you help to secure the future L2 chain!

How to restake your MATIC with P2P.org:

1. Go to https://staking.polygon.technology, connect your wallet, and go to your account page:

2.  There, you will have the "Move Stake" option:

Choose P2P.org and click "Stake Here":

4.  Select the amount to restake, click Continue, sign the transaction, and everything's ready - you have moved your delegation to the P2P.org validator.

Have a question or want more info? Please speak with our support team on our official Telegram Channel here!

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