How do you join the Polkadot nomination pool?

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Joining a Nomination Pool

Bonding Requirements: Note that pooling your DOTs requires bonding them, and once pooled, it takes 28 days to withdraw them.

  1. Connect to Polkadot Staking Dashboard: Link your Polkadot account to the Polkadot Staking Dashboard.

2. Select and Join a Pool: On the dashboard, choose 'Pools'> 'Join.' Find the "P2P.ORG nomination pool" pool.

3. Select a pool and click 'Join'.

4. Bond DOTs and Submit: Decide the DOT amount to bond, remembering the minimum bond amount is 1 DOT, and you need at least 2.25 DOTs in your balance (1 DOT for the existential deposit requirement and ~0.25 DOT for the transaction fee) and click 'Submit.'’

5. Sign the Transaction using your wallet.

6. When it’s done, your dashboard will show the information about the nomination pool.

Leaving a Nomination Pool

  1. Navigate to Pool: In the 'Pools' section, select the pool you wish to leave and click 'Leave.'

2. Unbound and Submit: Review the unbonding amount, then click 'Submit.' Your funds will be available in Polkadot after 28 days.

3. Sign the Transaction using your wallet.

How to Manually Claim Your Pool Rewards

P2P.org claims daily all validators’ rewards. In nomination pools, rewards must be manually claimed by the pool member and can be bonded back into the pool for compounding.

  1. Access Pools Tab: Go to the Pools tab on the Polkadot staking dashboard, where your unclaimed rewards are displayed.

2. Choose Reward Action:

3. Claim Rewards: View the amount to claim and the estimated transaction fee. Click "Submit" and sign the extrinsic to claim your rewards.

All credits for used materials belong to W3F. Please refer to the community guide on how to join the nomination pool and the guide on how to claim rewards for more detailed information.

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