P2P.org Adds Cosmos Staking API to Staking Solutions Suite

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We are pleased to announce our new addition to the P2P.org staking solutions suite: The Cosmos Staking API. This feature is another milestone in our continuous efforts to allow businesses to tap into boundless staking opportunities for their customers and now offer staking within the Cosmos network. Whether staking assets for your enterprise or on behalf of your users, our Cosmos Staking API streamlines the process, taking your staking strategy to new heights.

Diving into Cosmos Staking:

Cosmos, with a market capitalization of $2.24 billion as of November 2023, offers a promising staking avenue with an annual percentage rate (APR) of 19.7%*. The network stands out with its real-time reward distribution, accruing approximately every 7 seconds, thus ensuring a steady reward stream. However, it's essential to note the 21-day unstaking period, during which your tokens remain non-transferable. While the rewards don't compound automatically, the no minimum staking amount feature makes it an accessible choice for many and an attractive option for your users.

Why Opt for P2P's Cosmos Staking API?

The P2P.org Cosmos Staking API is designed to offer an easy and cost-effective staking solution on the Cosmos network. Here are the core advantages of leveraging the P2P API and Infrastructure:

Unveiling the API's Features:

The P2P Cosmos Staking API is engineered to be a user-friendly gateway to Cosmos staking, showcasing:

Seamless Integration with Comprehensive API Documentation:

Embarking on your Cosmos staking journey with our Staking API is designed to be a straightforward process. Our meticulously curated documentation guides you through every step, ensuring a hassle-free integration.

We've provisioned separate endpoints for both testing and production environments, allowing for a robust testing phase before transitioning to a live setting.

Our documentation, accessible here, is crafted to provide a clear pathway, enabling a smooth transition from one phase to the next in your Cosmos staking setup.

Whether you want to grasp the basics or delve into the nuanced details of transactions, our documentation is a comprehensive resource tailored to facilitate a successful integration.

By integrating the P2P.org Cosmos Staking API, you are not only ensuring superior staking services for your clients but also aligning with a reliable and seasoned staking partner in P2P.org.

Check out some of our detailed blog posts to delve deeper into Cosmos Staking.

We look forward to working with you as we explore the immense potential of Cosmos staking together. Learn more about the features of our Staking API here!

Have a question or want more info? Please speak with our support team on our official Telegram Channel here!

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