P2P Partners With Advanced Blockchain AG To Manage Institutional Polkadot Staking

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We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Advanced Blockchain AG to manage their Polkadot (DOT) staking activities - validating their 7-figure USD equivalent DOT balance - whilst furthering their research activity across the Polkadot Network.

P2P Validator has been chosen due to our unique ability to enhance the efficiency of staking portfolios across institutional stakers - specifically Polkadot - maximising their staking returns as well as their strategic positioning across blockchain staking networks.


Institutional Staking

With our institutional staking services, P2P offers stakers an advanced, non-custodial staking methodology providing access to secure staking strategies for optimised APY returns.

By working with P2P Validator’s institutional staking division, Advanced Blockchain AG are able to maintain their direct DOT exposure whilst maximising their staking APY and efficiently compounding DOT staking rewards. In addition to this, Advanced Blockchain AG can benefit from P2P’s extensive monitoring, analytic and support systems as well as around-the-clock support.

Speaking on the partnership, CEO of Advanced Blockchain AG Michael Geike commented "We are very happy to be working with P2P Validator and highly value their expertise across staking networks. Together we aim to maximise our returns while supporting and further stabilising the Polkadot ecosystem.”


Furthering Polkadot Network Research

Our mission at P2P is to advance developments within the blockchain space and to contribute to the growth of PoS networks like the Polkadot Network. Our vision extends beyond that of digital asset staking as we aim further research efforts across decentralisation and governance.

By partnering with Advanced Blockchain AG - a public blockchain network developer - we are able to identify innovative staking networks at an early stage whilst further growing our professional staking network.



About P2P Validator

P2P Validator is a leading non-custodial staking provider securing more than $3 billion in assets from across 25+ staking networks including Polkadot, Cosmos, Solana and Tezos. Our services include transparent digital asset staking, advanced monitoring, dedicated account analyst and 24/7 support.  

To learn more about our range of professional staking services across networks like Polkadot, contact us.


About Advanced Blockchain AG

Advanced Blockchain AG (Frankfurt, Primary Market Düsseldorf, XETRA: ISIN DE000A0M93V6) is a publicly listed blockchain venture builder and ecosystem supporter in Germany. Founded in 2017, their portfolio and ecosystem development approach is centered around Web 3.0 and distributed ledger technology. To learn more about Advanced Blockchain AG and its portfolio companies, visit en.advancedblockchain.com.

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