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Hello, world! We are building P2P Validator — the GUI for painless blockchain assets staking across 9+ Proof-Of-Stake networks. We support Tezos XTZ mainnet, Polkadot, Cosmos and IRISnet testnets from the beginning, and ready to take Nucypher, Dfinity and Solana on board.

Our mission is to positively influence the development of Proof-Of-Stake technology and improve existing networks by mindful alternate proposals while offering token holders to hedge their staking rewards on the other hand.

Whether you chose to delegate your digital assets to P2P Validator or not, we welcome you to join our social channels, educational hub and use our DApps, all of which will be open-source.

Public website: p2p.org

Medium: medium.com/p2peconomy

Twitter: twitter.com/p2pvalidator

Telegram: t.me/p2porg

By choosing a right delegate, supporting crucial network alternating decisions and first of all — by fully accepting and acting in course with decentralized community values and code of conduct, we will definitely achieve Proof-Of-Stake social and algorithmic consensus.

Why delegate to us?

Simplicity & Effectiveness. It’s unbelievably easy to stake your assets across different networks with us. Tezos Bakery is already available for XTZ delegation and will be expanded to 9+ networks all within single GUI, as soon as their testnets and then mainnets are launched. As of this writing, we’re moving towards adding an exhaustive cross-network analytics to help you track rewards flow and analyze the value of different stakes.

Focus on Governance. PoS implies that the network alternations are voted by its nodes, where the highest stake value determines the power of voice. As a general stakeholder, we offer a smart on-chain governance insight within each ecosystem we are presented, meaning to represent your interests and execute your will whether you don’t have enough time or desire to do so. In other words, we help networks grow in value while increasing the value of your own stake and rewards by stopping unfair and making the right decisions happen.

360° Security. All independent third-party auditors are welcome to try and test our infrastructure security.

Community impact. We’re keen to become the leading educational hub and informational source for all things Peer-to-Peer and blockchain thus turn our financial experts, developers and analysts to look trendy and share their findings across our blog and social media.

Network portfolio

Tezos: mainnet / staking opened [start earning rewards]

Cosmos: testnet / staking opened

IRISnet: testnet under construction

Polkadot: testnet under construction

Dfinity: testnet under construction

Algorand testnet under construction

Solana: testnet under construction

Become a business partner

Running and maintaining an infrastructure are headaches.

P2P Validator is built to simplify staking and take all the node weightlifting to unfold new revenue sources for you. We’re open for business offers and proposals from existing investment funds, exchanges, foundations, services and other blockchain-related financial institutions and all first-string asset holders.

For example, if you’re an exchange then you probably aware that your customers most likely prefer platforms that provide staking and rewards among other options. While you may also know that running a dedicated node in each network results into tremendous headaches and unplanned costs. P2P Validator completely eliminates infrastructural, salary and token costs while makes you forget about time consuming node maintenance at the same time.

[Drop offers here]

Risks as a Staking-as-a-Service provider

We are aware and take on all possible risks associated with the unfair performance of our duties. In accordance with the rules of networks, such actions will be voting procedures evasion, double transaction signatures and low node uptime.

In case, if you’re running your own node, all fines are your responsibility whether you have basic or venture-level infrastructure behind you. Voting also requires deep understanding of blockchain, PoS and network nuances and investments, which are not granted even with the highest stake possible. Token delegation is a solid workaround to decrease risks yet ensure your interests are presented in the exact network.

Core business values

Security. Protection of your stake and personal data are our top priorities. Each P2P Validator community member is free to stay anonymous to others as well as hide their financial data, if feeling so, but not necessarily should. Each user is free to bring a crime to an arbitrage or raise suspicions and doubts against service itself or other members of the community. Arbitrage is done ad-hoc to ensure objectivity.

Transparency. All our actions and decisions are clearly visible and transparent to our community. We are sharing all financial data on returns, cycles, stake amount and delegation capacity as well as the status of all networks and our project updates.

Groundbreaking technology. P2P Validator is dedicated to combine different networks under a single interface for an investor’s the peace of mind and to save hours usually wasted on switching between wallets and staking service providers. We’re planning to further simplify staking by adding open-source DApps and other tools for community needs.

Benefit. Staking exists to generate new coins and revenue. Although we do have static 10% fee implemented to all rewards you get from staking operations, we are 100% sure staking creates additional benefit for our users on the first place. Using our expertise, we pick only the most successful networks and execute smart governance to ensure growing value and high returns.

Smartness. Perfection comes from experience. As the general stakeholder, we provide deliberated business decisions based on deep financial analysis and understanding. We are more than interested in avoiding overdelegation and helping networks thrive, as we are staking our own assets on our node.

Community Benefit Roadmap

  1. Educate, demonstrate and influence. As we define ourselves as the general opinion leader, we see our purpose in creating an international educational hub for all things Proof-of-Stake. The part of our revenue is spent on maintaining the highest possible level of educational materials: webinars, guidelines, insights and news representation. The success of each community member affects the network and thus our success also depends on it, so we make sure that each community need is fulfilled within P2P Validator ecosystem.
  2. Support open-source DApp development. Creating robust yet efficient applications is the part of our strategy to benefit the Proof-of-Stake community. We believe in open-source development and values, so expect all the DApp source code available on Github right from the start. Modes, upgrades and enhancements are welcome. Also we’re planning on supporting independent developers and projects to further enrich the ecosystem.
  3. Spend our revenue for the community building. We will use a significant percentage of our income to construct a strong and intelligent community of users behind P2P Validator. In long-term this will help to further promote P2P economy and Proof-of-Stake as its integral part, diluting the existing community of enthusiasts, foundations, and core developers with fresh members.

TL;DR: Project origins

P2P Validator has been established in 2018 after a few successful projects delivered by the same team of chaincode developers and crypto enthusiasts. From testnets to mainnets our mission is to promote values of the blockchain assets and give people access to the new emerging peer-to-peer economy.

Contributing to Multy:

Multy is a blockchain-based multi-cryptocurrency and digital assets open-source wallet available in the web, on iOS and Android. Imaguru Blockchain Hackathon winners.

Contributing to Nil Foundation:

This library is a modern cryptography backend designed in generic programming style. Library intention is to become an industry-standard cryptography library developing faster than OpenSSL and including modern schemes and protocols.

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