How to delegate Cosmos Atoms using Lunie wallet

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Lunie (previous name “Voyager”) is an official audited web wallet and UI for interacting with the Cosmos Hub. The process of sending, staking and redelegating atoms could be done in a simple and secure way. Lunie will not ask for your private keys or seed phrases. To interact with it you need to have Ledger device. Following this two-step guide will not take more than 5-10 minutes.

Note: If you participated in the fundraiser, you should be in possession of a 12-word mnemonic. When setting up a Ledger wallet, enter the seed phrase to access your digital assets obtained through an ICO. We advise you to connect a new Ledger device, in case of replacing the seed phrase on the working device, all data will be overwritten.

Step 1. Set up your Ledger

Download Ledger Live to update your Ledger device to the latest version (1.5.5) Press the “Settings” button in the top right corner

Turn on Developer mode

Go to the Ledger Live App Store and download the Cosmos application

You will see a dialog window while the installation is processing, it can take a while

At the same time it will install on your Ledger

After successful finish, check that the Cosmos application appears on your Ledger

Step 2. Connect Ledger with Lunie on your PC

Press “Sign in” in the top right corner

You will see a dialog window like in the picture - press “Sign in”

Lunie will connect to your Ledger and you will see Tendermint Cosmos appear on it

After that you can press “Delegate”. Your address can be found in the top left corner

Now you will be able to enter the amount of Atoms and finish the process by pressing “Next” and confirm the delegation.

Congratulations! Now you can grow your holdings and earn rewards with P2P Validator, Hooray!

If after following this guide you still have questions, issues or other concerns please follow us on Twitter. We will provide a personal consultation and guide you through the following process.

Whether you chose to delegate your digital assets to P2P Validator or not, we welcome you to join our social channels, educational hub and use our DApps, all of which will be open-source.

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