Game Of Stakes: The battle has begun!

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Howdy, COSMOnauts,

Game of Stakes has come online and P2P Validator is happy to be among ones to take part in the clash!

We are pleased to announce a live explorer to help you enjoy this game at its best.

Use Game Of Stakes explorer to track highscores ⚔️

For those who haven’t been following the buzz, Game of Stakes or GoS is a unique participatory research program with real-life incentives for attackers. New adversarial environment Genki-3001 is designed to maximize the effectiveness of cartel formation and vote withholding attacks, will demonstrate how collusion and deceptive actions interact with the incentive layer of a BFT Proof of Stake protocol.

Participants are to acquire rewards through censoring others, highlighting misconfigured node setups, and sending deceptive traffic to other nodes (DDOS), and vice versa the stake is decreased for being a victim to such actions.

Stay on our lookout for further updates and share your feedback on the explorer:



Let the most resilient win!

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Konstantin Lomashuk

Entrepreneur, blockchain investor Ethereum, Cosmos, Dfinity, EOS, Tezos, Polkadot. Previously co-founder Satoshi Fund.

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