New Product Launch: Ethereum Staking dApp

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Introducing our Ethereum Staking dApp, empowering users with complete privacy, unmatched simplicity, ultimate security and zero fees

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Ethereum Staking dApp, which is designed to give you the ultimate control over your crypto assets while ensuring complete privacy, autonomy, and security. We have been working diligently behind the scenes to bring you a solution that simplifies the staking process without compromising your privacy.

Staking dApp Key Features

  1. Bunker Security Staking & 100% Slashing Protection: We understand the importance of security for our users, so we have built an infrastructure with no single point of failure. Our geographically distributed data centres with hot reserves in different countries ensure that your validators will keep working even in worst-case scenarios such as a data centre burning down. Moreover, we have implemented threshold cryptography (similar to multisig) to secure your validator keys. This advanced technology ensures that nobody, not even our P2P engineers, can access your validator keys, thereby adding additional protection against slashing incidents. Furthermore, our Staking dApp offers 100% slashing protection options for a truly worry-free staking experience.
  2. Stake with just a few clicks: Really, no human input is needed! Our Staking dApp automates the entire staking process, eliminating the need for human intervention. Our dApp is built on smart contracts, offering a transparent, trustless, and tamper-proof solution for staking your Ethereum assets. Additionally, our Staking dApp allows clients to stake directly from our website with just a few clicks, ensuring an effortless experience without the need for any technical know-how.
  3. No KYC: Our dApp ensures that you can stake your Ethereum assets without having to go through the cumbersome KYC (Know Your Customer) process. We respect your right to privacy and offer a seamless user experience without any unnecessary roadblocks.
  4. No Email Registration: With our Staking dApp, you no longer need to share your email address to stake your crypto. Just access the dApp through your preferred web3-enabled wallet, and you are ready to stake.
  5. No AML Risks: We have designed our Staking dApp to comply with all relevant regulations, mitigating any AML (Anti-Money Laundering) risks while ensuring that your Ethereum staking experience is secure and reliable.

How does it work?

By automating the staking process, we have created a permissionless dApp that is both user-friendly and highly secure.

If you have ever tried to delegate your stake to a staking provider, you are already familiar with the multi-step flow of selecting the amount to stake, setting your withdrawal address, entering an email address, and then… receiving an email from a sales representative for an intro call.

While we understand the reasoning behind it (we have used a similar flow till now), the improvement opportunities in terms of user experience are massive.

That’s why, when you stake with our staking dashboard, you can expect to complete the request in just a few clicks:

After receiving the request, your validators will be added to the Ethereum entry queue before becoming active (the amount of time depends on the network congestion).

For those of you that have a Safe wallet, we prepared a guide on how to use it with the dApp.


Free Test-drive offer

To celebrate the launch of our Staking dApp and the upcoming Shanghai upgrade, we are offering a limited-time promotional period with 0% validator fees until August 1, 2023. This means you can enjoy maximum returns on your staked Ethereum with absolutely no fees.

And there's more! We have not forgotten our loyal existing clients. If you are a current client and decide to add additional stakes to your account, you will also benefit from the 0% fee promotion. This is our way of thanking you for your continued support and trust in our platform.

In conclusion, our Ethereum Staking dApp is here to revolutionize the staking experience for Ethereum users. Our commitment to privacy, autonomy, security, and innovation is at the core of our product. We invite you to try out our Staking dApp and join us in this exciting journey towards a decentralized and empowered future.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to our BD team! Happy staking, and welcome to the future of Ethereum staking!

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