Celebrating the Launch of Lagrange’s Prover Network on EigenLayer

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Today (4th July 2024) marks a significant milestone for Web3 as Lagrange Labs launches its Prover Network on the EigenLayer mainnet.

At P2P.org, we are thrilled to participate in this development, collaborating with top-tier institutional operators to bring the first decentralized zero-knowledge (ZK) prover network into production.

This launch represents a transformative step forward in adopting and implementing ZK technology, which promises to revolutionize how we approach scalability, privacy, and security in the blockchain space.

Our Role and Commitment

As an operator within Lagrange's Prover Network, P2P.org is committed to contributing our expertise and infrastructure to ensure the network's success.

We are honored to join forces with esteemed partners such as Coinbase, Kraken's Staked, OKX, Ankr, Nethermind, and many more. Our collaboration underscores the collective effort to bring ZK technology to the forefront of the blockchain industry.

We have always been dedicated to supporting innovative technologies and enhancing the performance and reliability of decentralized networks. The launch of Lagrange's Prover Network aligns perfectly with our mission to advance blockchain technology and foster a more secure, scalable, and decentralized future.

Lagrange's Prover Network 101

Lagrange’s Prover Network is the first production-ready decentralized ZK prover network designed to deliver high-liveness guarantees and cost-effective solutions for users and provers alike.

By leveraging EigenLayer's low-cost-of-capital environment and restaked ETH, the network ensures that users pay less for high availability while operators are incentivized to maintain optimal performance.

The Prover Network also introduces a novel architecture that enables a hyper-parallel ZK coprocessor. This allows developers to execute intensive off-chain computations and bring the results back on-chain with verifiable ZK proofs. This innovative approach significantly enhances the scalability and efficiency of ZK proofs, making them more accessible to developers and applications.

If you'd like to know more detailed information on Lagrange's ZK Prover, please read Lagrange's blog.

Lagrange: Lagrange Deploys First Production-Ready ZK Prover Network Powered by Coinbase, Kraken and OKX

Our Continued Support for Lagrange

In our previous blog post, Know Your AVS, we highlighted the potential of advanced verification systems and our enthusiasm for partnering with trailblazers like Lagrange. Today, as we celebrate the launch of their Prover Network, we reaffirm our commitment to supporting Lagrange's vision and contributing to the broader adoption of ZK technology.

Know Your AVS!
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Looking Ahead

The launch of Lagrange's Prover Network on EigenLayer is just the beginning. P2P.org will continue to play an active role in the network, helping to scale its operations and ensure its robustness. We are excited about the opportunities for this collaboration and look forward to further innovations that will emerge from the Prover Network.

To stay updated on our progress and the latest developments within the Lagrange Prover Network, follow us on social media and join our community discussions. Together, we can drive the future of decentralized technology and unlock the full potential of zero-knowledge proofs.


The successful deployment of Lagrange's Prover Network marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of blockchain technology. At P2P.org, we are proud to be part of this historic launch and work alongside industry leaders to mainstream ZK technology. It's our commitment to advance the decentralized ecosystem and build a more secure, scalable, and efficient blockchain infrastructure for all.

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