Beyond Boundaries, Large-Scale ETH Staking for Institutions

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As part of our ongoing effort to support Institutional demand and the needs of large ETH stakers, has developed a new smart contract that allows true large scale stake of up to 12,800 ETH in a single transaction. (you can find the audit report by @MixBytes here).

This groundbreaking technology is just one of the many pillars supporting our innovative non-custodial staking platform. It allows users to have set fees agreed upon before you stake via MetaMask, Ledger & Safe. This new feature allows true institutional staking without boundaries.

Breaking the industry norms which currently only allows a user to stake up to 3,200 ETH from a wallet in a single transaction.

We received tens of questions about the purpose of the 3200 $ETH limitation. At that moment, we realized how inconvenient that standard was. It needed to be fixed. The service is meant to be simple and user-friendly!
Imagine: You want to stake 12 thousand ETH and you used to have to make 3 transactions. You pay for gas. Plus, it is especially inconvenient if you have multisig.  Less transactions - better. It's easy to make mistakes and lose money when you're signing the fifth transaction in a row

We have solved these problems. Now we have truly institutional stake feature. 12k ETH per one transaction. One click staking. It should be as simple as that.

But truly institutional staking means something else. It’s big. True. But it’s SIMPLE AND FAIR, too!

Unlike others, we won't overcharge you as your Ethereum rewards grow. Our fee is precisely agreed upon, on-chain. You won't be overpaying and it allows you to stake confidently with all the clarity.

Context: There are two revenue streams in Ethereum, consensus rewards for performing validators duties like attestations and execution rewards for proposing blocks (the last one part includes MEV as well).  And popular approach nowadays is to place proxy smart contract witch accumulates executions layer rewards (EL) and charge some % - like 25-35% from EL rewards. It's simple one.

BUT proportion between CL / EL rewards isn't stable. Our research shows that while you paying 30% from EL it quals 8% from total rewards in average. BUT since you may be lucky and get more blocks to create / large MEV you are at risk to be overcharged and pay up to 10-11% fee from total rewards.

That's not fair! It's difficult to choose the staking option while you don't know which exact conditions you are agree on. 8% or 11%?

So we created the oracle that knows how many CL rewards you got and calculate how many $eth we should charge you from El rewards in order to get exact % from total rewards. With P2P you will pay exact percent we agreed on. No less, no more.

You need this type of convenience and safety when staking large amounts of $ETH!

We've reimagined large-scale ETH staking, simplifying the process and offering considerable savings in both time and money.

Where others might vary their fees or give complex conditions, we stick to clarity and transparency. Our smart contract ensures that the exact % agreed upon is charged from your rewards. No hidden fees. No ambiguity. Only absolute transparency.

How is simplifying Institutional staking

For our users, you can now manage and stake upto 12,800 ETH within one single session, providing a seamless user experience. You'll also notice enhanced functionalities, accommodating the 12.8k ETH deposit smart contract, ensuring a smoother user experience.

Additionally, our personalized dashboard is crafted with the user in mind, centralizing all vital data in an intuitive interface, making asset management truly effortless. Moreover, our comprehensive reporting capabilities let you delve deep into your staking history. Track rewards, assess strategies, and glean insights using a multitude of data points, ensuring you're always in the driver's seat of your digital journey.

At, we remain committed to ensuring true ownership of a user's digital assets and providing users with a genuine decentralized non-custodial staking experience. With this in mind, we always aim to be ahead of the curve, bringing innovative solutions and products to our ever-growing platform. With the introduction of our new smart contract, we've taken a significant step in ensuring that institutional staking is efficient and user-friendly.

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