The Graph: How can you migrate your delegation from Ethereum to Arbitrum

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Why should you migrate?

The Graph has decided to move the protocol to Arbitrum since gas fees are smaller for all operations there, including delegating & claiming query fees.

Many query fees on Ethereum remained unclaimed as it was more expensive to claim than their value. As it is cheaper to claim them, delegators will finally have additional revenue to their stake with indexers.

What is the migration schedule?

At the moment of writing, 5% of the total rewards of the protocol issuance happens on Arbitrum, while 95% of the rewards are still being distributed on Ethereum.

Sometime around September 10th, a shift to 25% / 75% distribution is expected.

If everything goes well, 2-4 weeks after that, the distribution will be changed to 50%/50%.

As soon as enough stake will migrate to Arbitrum, the distribution will change to 95% Arbitrum / 5% Ethereum.

When is it better to move your delegation?

We have prepared a dashboard to help you make data-driven decisions and maximize your revenue during migration.


We have prepared the best date for you to start the process on this dashboard.

How was this date picked?

Below the dates, you can see our currently opened allocations on both indexers. You get your rewards when we close those allocations. So, if the allocation is open for 20 days, those rewards are stored on the smart contract, and when we close the allocations, the rewards for these 20 days are assigned to your address. The recommended days are when you get most of the rewards from L1, thus making you ready to move to L2.

Will my unclaimed rewards be transferred as well?


How can you start the migration process?

  1. Go to https://thegraph.com/explorer and connect the wallet with your current delegation in the top right corner.
  2. Expand the menu in the top right corner and click on the overview button to look at the general stats of your activity within The Graph.
  3. There, you will see a notification that gives you an option to start the migration process

4. Click on the Transfer Delegation button. You will end up on this page:

5. The Receiving Arbitrum One Wallet Address will be pre-filled with the same address as your current Ethereum wallet.

a) Make sure that you control that Arbitrum address!
If that is an EOA (a common wallet labeled as “Address” in etherscan), you are good to go unless you want to specify another wallet address.


   ! Your Safe Wallet is a SMART CONTRACT! Thus, you most likely don’t control this contract address on Arbitrum. So, change this field to the address you control! It can be another Safe or smart contract wallet on Arbitrum and a regular EOA address, but make sure you own it!

6. It is better to send some ETH to this wallet address via the official Arbitrum bridge https://bridge.arbitrum.io if you don’t have ETH there to pay for gas. Optional: To ensure you control this wallet, you can make some transactions there, no matter which. Remember that the migration process can not be reverted, so sending the tokens to an address you do not control will lose them!

7. Push the transfer delegation button. Your transfer will be initiated.

8. You will see the countdown appear. It is better to stay nearby as the network can have gas spikes, and some additional actions might appear on the left part of the screen. After the countdown reaches 0, the migration will be completed.

There is also an official guide by The Graph Foundation with videos so that they might be helpful.

In any case, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them on our P2P telegram chat: https://t.me/P2Pstaking

And remember, no one from P2P.org or The Graph Foundation will DM you first! It is better to verify the identity of any person talking to you in the official telegram chat.

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