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Restaking guide: Opt-in P2P.org operator in EigenLayer

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Stage 2 mainnet

Heads up! EigenLayer Stage 2 mainnet is live. This phase introduces Operators responsible for performing validation tasks for AVSs (Actively Validated Services) built on the EigenLayer protocol.

Stage 1 introduced restaking on mainnet Ethereum, and so far, 3.8M ETH has been restaked on the EigenLayer protocol, making it the second-largest protocol on the market.

Stage 2 is an exciting evolution of the protocol. Operators can register to the network and begin validating for the first AVS, EigenDA; Restakers can delegate their stake to Operators and start putting shared security to work with EigenDA.

Following the launch of EigenDA, a vibrant ecosystem of AVSs is poised to flourish on the EigenLayer mainnet. Nine more AVSs are currently in testnet and will likely move to mainnet soon: AltLaer, Lagrange, oOracle, Aethos, Brevis Co-chain, Witness chain, Ethos, Silent Shard AVS, and Omni.

P2P.org is officially the confirmed operator for all the AVS above. Delegate to P2P to be among the first restakers securing new AVSes.

Delegation guide

If you staked LST, jump straight to step three (opt-in operator); in the case of native restaking, you will have a few more steps:

  1. Upgrade EigenPod - each EigenPod created before Apr 8 must be upgraded to enable the delegation feature.
  2. Restake - verification of ETH Beacon deposits. EigenPod needs to receive proof that you have deposited validators.
  3. Opt-in the operator. Choose the operator for validating AVSes. (You won't send any tokens to the operator but delegate the right to validate AVSes on your behalf).
There is no slashing or rewards in EigenLayer currently; these will appear in the next phase of the mainnet, projected to go live in Q3. Until then, AVSs won't have slashing, and delegators cannot be slashed either.

Step 1: Upgrade your EigenPod

Go to https://app.eigenlayer.xyz/ and connect your wallet. If you have a Ledger, connect it to MetaMask.

Go to the Restake tab → Beacon Ether section, or follow this link https://app.eigenlayer.xyz/restake/ETH

Each EigenPod created before Apr 8 must be upgraded to enable the delegation feature. Click Upgrade EigenPod

It will show you the warning; just click continue

what does it mean?

That’s about requirement having separate addresses for ethereum validators’ rewards: consensus rewards go EigenPod, execution rewards (MEV) should go to some another address if you don’t want to lose it. That’s because MEV builders often send MEV by simple transaction, and EigenPod doesn’t accept any incoming transactions, so it will fail. All P2P.org ETH stakers have separate addresses for execution and consensus rewards.

Click enable restaking

Wait 4 hours for EigenPod activation

Step 2: Restake

The next step is to click on "Restake." This step is necessary for verifying ETH Beacon deposits via the Beacon chain oracle. It generates Merkle proofs for each validator and then sends them to EigenPod. One transaction can process 25 proofs, so you must sign one transaction per 25 validators. New TXs will appear automatically as soon as you sign the previous one.

Before signing! Verify and double-check that you send a transaction to YOUR EigenPod.

After completing all transactions, you will see that your restaked balance has moved from the 'awaiting restake' field to 'Beacon Chain restaked.'

Step 3: Opt-in P2P.org as operator

Go to the operator tab, and search P2P.org, or follow this link https://app.eigenlayer.xyz/operator/0xDbEd88D83176316fc46797B43aDeE927Dc2ff2F5

Verify the operator's address 0xDbEd88D83176316fc46797B43aDeE927Dc2ff2F5

Click the delegate button, double-check that you are interacting with the EigenLayer smart contract 0x39053D51B77DC0d36036Fc1fCc8Cb819df8Ef37A and the sign

You won't send any tokens to the operator but delegate the right to validate AVSes on your behalf.

Congrats, now you are securing AVSes with P2P.org!

About P2P.org

P2P.org: Launched in 2018, P2P.org aims to shape a decentralized future for all and provide stakeholders with non-custodial staking services.

With over $6.5+ billion in TVL and over 90,000 delegators, P2P.org has become a top 3 global leader by TVL. Pioneers in their industry, the dedicated team at P2P.org has assumed pivotal roles as early validators across multiple networks. Their unwavering commitment to building leading infrastructure has made them one of the leading Ethereum validators globally.

Contact Us:

We invite you to join us in this exciting new chapter. For questions or information, contact our team on our official Telegram Channel. Be sure to stay tuned for updates and enhancements to our dApp.

Do not hesitate to ask questions in our Telegram chat or talk to Vladislav Kurenkov.

We are always open for communication.

At P2P.org, we remain dedicated to our core values of Security, Transparency, Asset Rewards, Technology, and Smart Governance (STATS), striving to offer our community and partners the best.

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