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P2P.org Partners with PrimeStaked for Enhanced Ethereum Restaking Solutions

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In our ongoing mission to drive innovation and adoption within the Ethereum ecosystem, P2P.org is thrilled to announce a new partnership with PrimeStaked. This collaboration marks another stride in our mission to support a robust and secure Ethereum network via our enhanced DVT solutions in partnership with ssv.network.

Securing Stake with Distributed Validator Technology (DVT)
Decentralization is at the heart of what we do at P2P.org, and our mission is to create and promote a decentralized future for everyone.

Recognizing the challenges of ETH staking diversification, we've embraced Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) to diversify validator responsibilities and enhance network security. In this vein, our alliance with PrimeStaked introduces DVT to their platform via our collaboration with ssv.network, offering users a robust platform to stake native ETH with notable incentives.

A New Era of Restaking with PrimeStaked
Through PrimeStaked, users can now leverage the pioneering DVT capabilities of the SSV network. This partnership not only boosts the staking APYs by an impressive 40% with PrimStaked through SSV incentives, but it also incorporates additional rewards from staking yield, EigenLayer Points, and primeETH XP. 

By depositing any amount of native ETH or swapping for primeETH on Uniswap, users can participate in this innovative restaking model, contributing to Ethereum's strength as a globally decentralized network.

Liquid Restaking with PrimeStaked and P2P.org
This new partnership with PrimeStaked underscores our commitment to promoting decentralization and enhancing Ethereum's economic security. PrimeStaked users now enjoy the convenience of liquid restaking, accruing multiple forms of yield while maintaining full capital control over their primeETH.

Join the Vanguard of Ethereum Restaking
This partnership represents a pivotal moment for Ethereum enthusiasts looking to engage with the network in a more secure, decentralized manner. By combining PrimeStaked's liquid restaking solutions with our expertise in DVT and node operation, we are setting new standards for Ethereum staking.

Stay Connected
Together with PrimeStaked, we are forging ahead to a more decentralized and secure future for Ethereum restaking. We look forward to welcoming you to this new era of restaking with P2P.org and PrimeStaked.

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