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We’re thrilled to announce our collaboration with SSV Network, marking the inception of our DVT Staking API, the first of its kind in the industry.
This initiative seeks to amplify our institutional staking offering further, ensuring seamless integration for custodians, wallets, and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Since 2018, our mission has been to create a secure and efficient platform to onboard institutions for non-custodial staking solutions, particularly within the Ethereum ecosystem. Fast forward to 2023, our operations now extend over 50 networks, managing staked assets close to $2B with over 60,000 delegators. The unveiling of the DVT Staking API is another significant milestone in our ongoing journey, embodying our commitment to foster non-custodial staking at the institutional level.

What's DVT?

Distributed Validator Technologies (DVT) is pivotal in mitigating staking risks, offering a robust framework for managing digital assets and staking strategies. The resonance of DVT among institutions is profound, given its prowess in addressing key concerns such as counterparty and slashing risks, which are crucial in ETH Staking.

DVT, or Distributed Validator Technology by explained

For an in-depth understanding and integration guide, we direct you to our staking API developer guides. The DVT Staking API is engineered for simplicity, offering a streamlined workflow to accommodate the diverse needs of custodians, wallets, and neo-banks. Our API acts as a bridge, simplifying the navigation of DVT staking and ensuring a seamless transition into decentralized staking. Our mission is to facilitate integration and offer cost-saving benefits to users who integrate with us.

The Integration

The integration of DVT with our platform paves the way for a new era of Ethereum staking. Our platform provides a unique opportunity to stake directly with multiple institutional node operators, such as Allnodes, Stakely, and HTX, offering their own nodes operating on DVT. This initiative enables institutions to harness the full potential of decentralized staking through various experienced operators, each bringing a wealth of experience working with institutional entities, high-performance nodes, and best-in-class security practices to ensure node liveness. Our coordinated effort ensures a geographically distributed node operation with one node in the US, two in the EU, and one in APAC, significantly mitigating the risks associated with downtime due to country-specific incidents. Moreover, by supporting a broad spectrum of execution and consensus clients, we foster Ethereum client diversity, further eliminating reliance on the point of failure. This well-rounded approach significantly elevates the robustness and reliability of the P2Porg staking platform. It underscores our position as a leader in advancing the staking paradigm alongside industry leaders who share our vision.

Allnodes Founder & CEO Konstantin Boyko-Romanovsky told, "Allnodes is dedicated to advancing the staking ecosystem, and our partnership with through their DVT Staking API aligns with our commitment. We believe DVT represents a significant step forward in mitigating inherent staking risks like slashing and counterparty exposure - paramount concerns for ETH staking. The DVT framework complements our mission to deliver secure and efficient staking to institutions. By collaborating with, we can integrate their healthy platform and progressive technology to benefit clients through a decentralized, resilient staking infrastructure. Our partnership is about more than enhancing our services; it's about shaping the future of institutional staking and contributing to a more secure, decentralized blockchain ecosystem."

Stakely Co-founder Ignacio Iglesias said, "Stakely's collaboration with, employing Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) in the Ethereum staking ecosystem, marks a pivotal advancement towards a more secure and decentralized staking infrastructure, specially tailored for institutional clients. DVT aligns with our commitment to providing robust, non-custodial staking services for institutions by mitigating risks such as slashing and single-point failures through distributed key management. This approach ensures security and reliability and fosters decentralization by utilizing diverse Ethereum clients and operating across various geographical regions, further strengthening the resilience and integrity of the Ethereum network."

The Head of HTX Web3 Technology, Token Xi, stated: "HTX staking is committed to advancing the overall ETH stake ecosystem towards greater security and decentralization. Our collaboration with in developing DVT StakeAPI aligns with our expectations for the positive growth of the entire industry ecosystem. As a deep partner of the official SSV, HTX has long supported the development of SSV, from testnet to mainnet, as a core validator node operator. Through the SSV network, we have reduced the risk of single points of failure, thereby better securing our users' assets. Additionally, the decentralized nature of SSV allows our users to enjoy the safety benefits of decentralization while promoting the decentralization of the entire ETH ecosystem."

Our collaboration with the ssv network has been long-running; as one of their Mainnet Verified Operators, we've been working closely with the ssv network to redefine Ethereum staking with the integration of DVT into the platform via our new Staking API thanks to a grant awarded to us. The ssv network grant has been instrumental in developing and launching the DVT Staking API to advance institutional staking solutions at This integration propels our value proposition to institutional investors, framing us as the go-to platform for a diverse suite of staking services. You can learn more about our work as a Mainnet Verified Operator with an ssv network here!  

The ease of integration and cost-efficiency is at the core of our DVT Staking API. It is not merely about staking; it's about creating an ecosystem that is accessible, secure, and beneficial to all stakeholders involved. Our API is designed to save substantial time and resources, accelerate your product offerings, and propel your business toward its staking goals. Our customer-centric dashboard allows you to effortlessly retrieve all the necessary information, consolidated within a user-friendly interface and real-time reporting.

Contact us and Use It!

If you'd like to discover more about the ease of integration for our DVT Staking API, you can find more in our documentation portal, here!

You can also contact a team member via our official Telegram account or book a demo and learn more about the DVT Staking API here!

The DVT Staking API is a testament to our relentless pursuit of innovation, redefining the contours of institutional staking. We welcome all institutions and businesses to leverage this novel Staking API to meet the demands of your current staking strategy and be well-prepared for tomorrow's decentralized landscape.

For further inquiries and discussions, feel free to reach out to us. Our team at is here to assist you in every step of your staking journey.
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