P2P Validator To Provide Vega Staking

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P2P Validator is excited to announce our upcoming launch of Vega staking. P2P will be joining the Vega Mainnet as node operators to increase network decentralization and support the security of the first network.

Vega is a financial infrastructure protocol designed for developing and trading novel margin products on a decentralized network. Secured with PoS, Vega facilitates automated margin trading of complex products, allowing anyone to design and launch their own financial products.

By staking Vega with P2P Validator, users can earn rewards on their VEGA through our non-custodial staking infrastructure. There are two variables that define the staking rewards APR: the number of tokens in the network assigned for rewards, and how many VEGA will be locked up to secure the network. These factors are likely to be variable upon network launch and better defined APR estimates will be available shortly after staking begins. Rewards are paid every epoch (daily) to the separate, non-staking account. P2P has been selected as one of the first 13 validators and we are successfully running on testnet, to be one of the first validators to launch on the Vega mainnet.

For more information on how P2P can assist you with your Vega, please visit p2p.org/vega.


About P2P Validator

The P2P team has extensive experience in setting up secure infrastructure. P2P Validator maintains high-availability nodes and provides secure staking services for the most groundbreaking projects in the blockchain space. The node infrastructure is under advanced monitoring with 24/7 technical support, backups and alerts. P2P currently supports more than $4 billion in staked value across more than 10,000 individual stakers and 25+ key PoS networks.

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