P2P.ORG received grant for Multi-blockchain ETL for Polkadot and Filecoin

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7th September 2020 - P2P Validator is delighted to announce their grant work on connecting the Polkadot and Filecoin ecosystems by creating an ETL solution with unified API , together with Web3 Foundation and Protocol Labs.

Over the past few years, the world has seen the rise of blockchain interoperability; with the attraction DeFi tools and platforms are getting nowadays, the idea of making the blockchain world more interoperable has become ingrained. The blockchain ecosystem has already attracted thousands of software developers working on different things - applications, wallets, dashboards, explorers - but by inserting interoperability into this equation brings an additional challenge.

Imagine a situation where a user moves a chain A asset through bridge B to parachain X to open a Collateralized Debt Position (CDP), then uses received stablecoin to long a synthetic asset from parachain D on a margin trade chain E. Ten years ago this could sound like nonsense - but this is a reality now. To make efficient applications that would allow this behavior - the developers need appropriate tools.

"Default blockchain node interfaces are usually unsuited for complex or historical data queries. That makes building application on top of blockchains a complicated affair - you need to build your own data layer first. Interchain communication aggravets that problem even more", says Vasiliy Shapovalov, CTO of P2P Validator. "Our goal is to exctract, clean, enrich, transform, and serve the blockchain data in way that will allow users to to merge several application-specific interchain requests in the single one."

To begin this journey, we've decided to create an ETL solution for blockchains with a GraphQL API for the collected data. The solution aims to add value and decrease development costs for every company or individual who is working on application development. GraphQL as an API query language has been chosen to unify the data interface to simplify the development process and provide the best quality real-time data for applications.

As a validator, we have a unique opportunity to develop such a system:

Although our ultimate goal is to provide a high-quality data source for lots of blockchains, we've chosen Polkadot and Filecoin to be the pioneers in this project. We would love to see services that would utilize this solution and supply a justified demand for more blockchains to be added as data sources.

“We are excited to work together with Protocol Labs and P2P validator to create an interoperability-first data warehouse across all kinds of different blockchains. This will make it easier to integrate with different blockchains and ultimately help the entire ecosystem ”, says David Hawig, Grants Lead at Web3 Foundation.

"In collaboration with Web3 Foundation we’re delighted to support P2P Validator as they build an ETL solution to simplify the process of building wallets, dashboards, explorers and apps that interact with multiple blockchains connected through interchain communication protocol", says Eva Shon, Grants Coordinator at Protocol Labs.

Stay in touch with us and visit our website and GitHub to know more!

About Web3 Foundation

Web3 Foundation funds research and development teams building the technology stack of the decentralized web. It was established in Zug, Switzerland, by Ethereum co-founder and former chief technology officer Dr. Gavin Wood. Polkadot is the Foundation's flagship project.

About Protocol Labs

Protocol Labs is an open-source research, development, and deployment laboratory. Protocol Labs' projects include IPFS, Filecoin, libp2p, and many more. Protocol Labs aim to make human existence orders of magnitude better through technology.

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P2P Validator is a world-leading non-custodial staking provider with the best industry practices and proven expertise. We provide comprehensive due-diligence of digital assets and offer only high-class staking opportunities securing more than 3 billion of USD value. At the time of the lastest update, P2P Validator is trusted by over 10,000 delegators across 25+ networks.

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