P2P Validator is validating DAOBet to drive the vision of fair iGaming

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iGaming industry is growing really fast. Size of the online gambling market is anticipated to almost double and will reach 73 - 94 billion USD in 2024. Traditional solutions offer high level of user experience but still lack transparency and fairness. These limitations can be resolved with blockchain technology which properties as immutability and openness become a perfect fit for trustless gambling.

DAOBet is a game changer for iGaming industry and one of the best existing production ready solutions on the market. It is a blockchain infrastructure for online gambling that is based on a EOS codebase with some notable improvements, developing especially for online gaming industry.

It uses Proof-Of-Stake to secure the network and allows lower latency and higher throughput with a registered peak of 12 000 transactions in one second. Every user may also own a share of the network earning rewards by staking BET tokens.

Current state of the project

DAOBet includes necessary features to provide solid user experience eliminating the need to trust a centralized game provider.

The Game Of Stake incentivized testnet is in full swing right now and will last due October 10, 2019. It is an important event to test network conditions and prepare for mainnet launch that is planned in the end of Q3, 2019.

We are glad to be a DAOBet validator and share the vision of fair and comfortable gaming experience without the need to rely on a centralized entity.

If you have any questions feel free to contact our team. We are always open for communication.

P2P Validator offers high-quality staking facilities and provides up to date information for educational purposes. Stay tuned for updates and new blog posts.

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