Cyberway delegation guide

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To participate in Cyberway economy you need to purchase CYBER tokens on kuna.io exchange. To become a delegator you can stake using cleos or transfer tokens to your golos.io account and delegate from there.

Create an account on golos.io

Visit golos.io web page

Press sign up and complete all the required fields

After filling in the verification code you will get a pdf file with all the information related to your account. Save it in a secure place.

Send CYBER tokens to your account

Press three-dot button on the top right side of the screen

Choose a setting tab

Here navigate to the account button

Here you will see your user ID. It is also written down in a PDF file that you will have received after registration. Put this address as a destination point for sending CYBER tokens from an exchange

You will be able to check your balance in a wallet tab, see if a transaction was successful and funds have been received

Delegate CYBER tokens to a validator

To delegate your stake to a validator you will need to convert your CYBER into a STAKE CYBER. Press convert.

You will see a conversion window where you should select CYBER

Fill the desired amount to bond and press convert

After that you will see the converted amount of tokens in your wallet.

Now you can choose a validator. Press three-dot button on the top right side of the screen and go to the validators tab.

On the list find @creator and press the upward arrow beside the name (in the same row)

In a dialog window fill the amount of tokens you wish to delegate and press transfer

You will see the delegated amount beside the name of your chosen validator

Congratulations! You have finished the delegation process. You will receive your staking reward each 3499 blocks (~3 hours).

If you have any questions feel free to contact our team. We are always open for communication.

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