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P2P.org Launches Dymension Staking

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P2P.org is excited to announce our upcoming support for Dymension, a blockchain designed for the Internet of RollApps. As we gear up to support Dymension as a genesis validator, we're committed to furthering our mission of fostering innovation within the blockchain community and providing seamless access to decentralized technologies. Let’s dive into what Dymension does and how you can start staking with P2P.org.

Introducing Dymension

Dymension stands at the forefront of blockchain innovation, introducing a modular approach to rollups and setting a new standard for decentralized applications (dApps). Here's what makes Dymension a game-changer in the blockchain space:

Unified Infrastructure: By serving as a hub for rollups, Dymension leverages the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) to ensure secure and efficient interoperability.

Flexibility and Scalability: RollApps, as modular blockchains on Dymension, offers  flexibility for building. Developers can choose their virtual machines, business models, and powering tokens, facilitating tailored blockchain solutions.

Economic Sustainability: With the ability to publish transaction data to specialized chains like Celestia & Avail, RollApps ensure both economic viability and scalability. Dymension's infrastructure supports the deposit, play, withdraw model, optimizing the crypto user experience.

P2P.org's Role as a Genesis Validator

As one of the first validators for Dymension, P2P.org is positioned to play a pivotal role in securing and optimizing the network. Our expertise in non-custodial staking and digital asset management, combined with a commitment to over $3.5 billion in assets (as of February 2024), underscores our dedication to the blockchain ecosystem's growth and security.

How to Stake Dymension (DYM) with P2P.org

Staking DYM tokens with P2P.org is straightforward and secure. Here's a quick guide to get you started:

  1. Select P2P.org as Your Validator: Navigate to the Dymension Portal, search for P2P in the validators list, and click "Stake" next to our listing.
  2. Delegate Your DYM Tokens: Choose the amount you wish to stake with P2P.org and confirm the transaction in your wallet.
  3. Manage Your Delegation: Enjoy your staking rewards and utilize the management options to restake, unstake, or claim rewards directly from the Dymension Portal.

Please note the 21-day unbonding period for DYM tokens, ensuring you maintain control over your assets while securing the network.

You can review our comprehensive staking guide here for more information or contact our official support team on Telegram!

Join Us in Welcoming a New Dimension

As Dymension prepares to launch, P2P.org invites our community to explore the possibilities of this innovative blockchain. Whether you're a developer looking to deploy a RollApp or an investor aiming to leverage your DYM airdrop, our partnership with Dymension offers new opportunities for early-bird adopters.

Stay tuned for more information, including detailed staking guides and updates on our role as a genesis validator. Let's step into a new dimension of blockchain technology, where flexibility, scalability, and user experience converge to create a decentralized future for all.

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