P2P.org Joins Forces with Fordefi for Enhanced Direct Staking Solutions

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We are excited to reveal our latest partnership with Fordefi, an institutional MPC wallet platform, designed to enhance the direct staking experience for their community. This collaboration underscores P2P.org's dedication to delivering versatile staking solutions and our goal to further the adoption of decentralized finance within diverse user segments.

Who is Fordefi?

Fordefi stands at the forefront of wallet platforms and web3 gateways, specializing in enabling institutions to seamlessly connect to dApps across various networks while ensuring the utmost security for digital assets. Founded in 2021 by crypto custody and cybersecurity experts, Fordefi's mission focuses on allowing institutions to safely navigate and transact within decentralized finance (DeFi).

Fordefi's Innovative Wallet Technology

Central to Fordefi's offering is their MPC (Multi-Party Computation) wallet, an enterprise-level security solution that leverages a distributed key generation process. MPC and cryptographic protocols ensure that each piece of the private key is held separately by different parties, eliminating single points of vulnerability. In addition to MPC technology, Fordefi’s wallet platform offers users full transaction simulation, risk alerts,  and granular policy controls. As a result, the Fordefi’s wallet platform offers enhanced protection against a plethora of attack vectors, such as private key theft, collusion attacks, and web threats.

What this Partnership Means

By collaborating with Fordefi, we aim to provide:

  1. Enhanced Security: Harness the native MPC security features of Fordefi's wallet, ensuring the safety of staked assets.
  2. Efficient Staking: With Fordefi’s wallet integration, users can easily engage in direct ETH staking activities with P2P.org all covered by our slashing guarantee.
  3. User-Centric Approach: Seamlessly stake and unstake assets, leveraging Fordefi's security features and P2P.org’s robust staking infrastructure.

"We’re excited to offer our institutional clients with leading staking solutions while keeping their digital assets secure. Transacting in DeFi is made more accessible and secure through collaborations such as this with P2P.org" - Steve Horvath, VP of Sales at Fordefi.

“We believe this partnership with Fordefi enhances our commitment to offering unparalleled direct staking solutions. It's a testament to our dedication to expanding the staking ecosystem and driving greater adoption." - Alex Esin, CEO P2P.org

The future of DeFi is collaborative, and our partnership with Fordefi underscores this belief. As we move forward, we'll continue to prioritize our users, ensuring that they benefit from innovative, secure, and highly efficient staking solutions.

To learn more about direct staking with Fordefi and leveraging P2P.org’s comprehensive security features, visit the Fordefi website https://www.fordefi.com or connect with our dedicated support team on Telegram https://t.me/P2Pstaking.

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