How to delegate your AVAX using Avalanche wallet

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Avalabs has just launched its main network so AVAX holders can now participate in staking and earn rewards.

Please keep in mind that the data in the screenshots are taken from the test network.

What do I need to do to start delegating my AVAX?

At the time of writing the only known wallet that will support AVAX delegation immediately after Everest starts is the official Avalanche wallet. If you participated in the public sale of Avalanche tokens, you might already have a wallet and certain amount of AVAX (that also could be delegated despite it's locked up) if not, you need to create the wallet first.

Create your Avalanche wallet

  1. Go to the https://wallet.avax.network/
  2. Choose the Create new wallet option.
  3. Generate a 24 word key phrase for your wallet. Please be very careful since this phrase is the only way to keep control of your AVAX.
  4. Once the wallet is ready you can deposit AVAX to start delegation.

We recommend using the keystore file which is an encrypted version of a private key protected by your password, since it’s secure and convenient to use.

Delegate your AVAX to a validator

1. Open your wallet using the key phrase or keystore file.

2. Check whether you are connected to the main network called "Manhattan".

3. Check the balance. You will find the amount of available funds in the asset list on the Portfolio tab.

4. Go to the Earn tab and use Cross Chain Transfer to send the necessary amount of AVAX to the Platform chain (P-Chain) to make the delegation possible. Please keep in mind that the minimum amount for delegation is 25 AVAX.

5. Once you see the correct amount of AVAX under the P-Chain, you can proceed with the delegation by clicking the Add Delegator button.

6. Now you have to choose a pool to delegate with. To stake with P2P just copy the Node ID and paste it in the search field.

Node ID: NodeID-7CCynVtyQVRBTCjzpfrsrSuaCTjXw7o3G
Delegation Fee: 8%
End time: Sun, Dec 20, 2020
Saturation point: 3M AVAX
Where saturation point is the total amount of stake that the node can accept.

7. Click the Select button.

8. On the next page, specify the staking period, staking amount and rewards address. You will see the possible rewards by changing the amount and/or period.

9. Click Confirm and check the stake parameters again.

10. Finally, click the Submit button. You will get a success message.

How to track the delegated stake?

There is a "Estimated Rewards" tab in the Avalanche web wallet that shows your delegation history.

Why P2P?

Do not hesitate to ask questions in our Telegram chat or contact Slava via [email protected]. We are always open for communication.

Web: https://p2p.org

Twitter: @p2pvalidator

Telegram: https://t.me/P2Pstaking

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