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Evmos Relaunch Frequently Asked Questions

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We love to see the excitement surrounding the EVMOS relaunch! We want to make sure that all participants are clear of any doubts during this event so we have gone through the forums and community channels and collected the most commonly asked questions and answered them below.

Before we begin, here is the Evmos relaunch rollout plan (estimated timeline):

Phase 1 (day 1):
✅ Evmos enabled
❌ Airdrop disabled
❌ Staking rewards disabled
❌ IBC transactions (e.g. to/from Cosmos and Osmosis) disabled

Phase 2 (day 3-4):
✅ Evmos enabled
✅ Airdrop enabled
❌ Staking rewards disabled
❌ IBC transactions (e.g. to/from Cosmos and Osmosis) disabled

Phase 3 (at minimum 5-6 days after relaunch)
✅ Evmos enabled
✅ Airdrop enabled
✅ Staking rewards enabled
✅ IBC transactions (e.g. to/from Cosmos and Osmosis) enabled


Q: When will mainnet be relaunched?

A: Mainnet will restart on the 27 April 2022, and will continue off at block 58700.

Q: If I claimed and/or staked before mainnet failure do I have to do it again?

A: No you will not have to. The chain will continue as it was one block before the mainnet failure.

Q: What about the remaining 25% to claim?

A: You will be able to claim the remaining 25% once IBC transactions are enabled in PHASE 3, at minimum 5-6 days after relaunch.

Q: When will claiming and staking features be enabled?

A: Staking will be enabled at the same time as relaunch, on the 27th of April. Note that staking rewards will be enabled in Phase 3, at minimum 5-6 days after relaunch. Claiming the airdrop will not be live until Phase 2 (3-4 days after the relaunch).

Q: When will staking rewards be enabled?

A: In the spirit of fairness, rewards will be disabled until Phase 3, at minimum 5-6 days after relaunch to give everyone a fair chance to claim.

Q: Who is eligible to claim?

A: If you staked OSMO, or ATOM, or paid gas on top dApps on Etherium before Nov 26th 2021, you are likely to be eligible for Evmos airdrop. You can find more information on eligibility in the following article under “Rektdrop Eligibility”.

Q: What wallets can be used to claim and stake my EVMOS?

A: Currently only Metamask. To claim on Keplr we hav to wait for IBC transfers to be enabled. Ledger connections will work very soon too. Staking rewards are disabled until everyone has a fair chance to claim.

Q: Where and how do I claim my tokens?

A: An updated guide will be provided shortly after relaunch.

Q: How long do I have to claim my EVMOS tokens?

A: There is no timeline yet.

Q: What happened during the mainnet failure?

A: The Evmos team found a critical security vulnerability that required a quick upgrade. This upgrade was ill-tested and caused several double-signing errors requiring the chain to be halted to solve the issue.

Q: Can I buy Evmos?

A: There currently is no exchange to purchase EVMOS, however it is estimated that a Evmos DEXs will be set shortly after mainnet. Later we may also see exchange services provided by Osmosis zone, Diffusion Finance, Cronus Finance, Exswap, Evmoswap... Look out for the one with the most liquidity. One of them will probably win the race and become the dominant DEX

Q: Can I transfer my Evmos?

A: Yes, once the chain is relaunched transfers will work within Evmos. IBCs will be enabled soon after the relaunch.

Q: What dapps are built on Evmos?

A: You can find a list of dapps coming to Evmos here.

Q: What is Diffusion?

A: Diffusion Finance is a Uniswap V2 fork, one of the first AMMs for Evmos — an EVM that leverages the Cosmos SDK enabling use cases around composability, interoperability and fast finality.

Q: How to access to Testnet?

A: Tech doc to set up the node: https://evmos.dev/testnet/join.html. Instructions to get some tokens:  https://evmos.dev/testnet/faucet.html

Q: Where can I find Evmos official announcements?

A: You can follow Evmos Official announcements on their Twitter, Telegram, or Discord.

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