Evmos Claiming & Staking Guide on Keplr Wallet

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We are all very excited about the Rektdrop that initially took place on the 2nd of March 2022. It is now possible to claim EVMOS tokens on your Keplr Wallet!

Before we proceed you will need to have the following:
1. A Keplr account
2. A Metamask account
3. A small amount of OSMO in your Keplr wallet.


Connecting your Metamask to Evmos network

To claim your tokens on Keplr, you will need to import your Keplr account to your Metamask.  To do so, you will need your Metamask account to be connected to the Evmos network. Head to the Chainlist website, type in Evmos and select "Connect Wallet" .

Metamask will pop-up and ask you for a Signature Request which you need to sign to proceed. Next, approve the next pop-up that asks permission to add the Evmos network. A final request to switch the network to Evmos needs to be approved.

You are now ready to claim your Evmos!

Claiming your Evmos on Keplr Wallet!

1. First go to the official EVMOS dashboard and connect your Keplr wallet in the top right hand corner.

2. Here you will be able to verify your eligibility to receive EVMOS from the Rektdrop. If you see a positive number under "Total Tokens Claimable" you are good to go.

3. If you are eligible select the Import button.

4. Make sure that your Metamask is correctly connected to Evmos. You can check that you are connected to the Evmos network at the top of your metamask wallet extension.

After selecting "IMPORT" a pop-up will appear.

5. Again before you proceed, make sure that you have a small amount of OSMO (<1) to execute the transaction. When you are ready select Import at the bottom of the pop-up.

6. You will be prompted to Keplr to approve the IBC transfer. Select approve.

You will now have to wait approximately 15 minutes for the import to execute. Only do it once and be patient. 

7. Once executed, you can disconnect your Keplr Wallet from the Dashboard and connect your Metamask account. Next select the claim button.

8. You will be redirected to a series of tasks to perform. Each time you perform a task you will receive 25% of the claimable EVMOS.

As you already executed a IBC Transfer (mission 3), you should already have claimed some of your EVMOS.

Mission 1: Vote on a governance proposal.

Its pretty straight forward,  first select "Vote" and it will redirect you to the governance page. Select a proposal and confirm your vote.

Mission 2: Staking your Evmos.

1. Go to the official Evmos UI here. Once there, make sure that your Metamask wallet is connected.

2. Go the staking page: https://app.evmos.org/staking

3. Next, select "View Validators"

4. Find the Validator of your choice and select "Manage".

5. A pop up will appear with a small description of your validator. To continue select "Delegate".

6. Enter the amount you wish to stake and select "Delegate".

7. A pop up from Metamask will appear asking you to confirm the transaction. Select "Sign" to do so.

8. Thats it! You can verify your staking balance on the staking page as indicated in the image below.

You can unstake your EVMOS at anytime. The cooling down period is 14 days, after that your tokens will be transferable!

Mission 3: Execute an IBC Transfer

You will have already accomplished this task when you imported your Keplr Wallet to Metamask.

Mission 4: Use the EVM

To complete this mission, you need to interact with a dApp on Evmos. Go back to the Missions Control page on the dashboard, and scroll down until you see "APPS ON EVMOS". You can execute a transaction or interact with a smart contract in any of those apps to receive your remaining EVMOS.

A simple way to complete this mission is to use Diffusion Finance and perform a small swap transaction.

Thats it, you should now have received all your Evmos tokens!

Now repeat the steps in the "Mission 2: Staking your Evmos" and stake the rest of your EVMOS is you want to benefit from compounding your EVMOS.

If you have any questions, feel free to join our Telegram chat, we are always open for communication.

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