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EIGEN stakedrop claims are open. Season 1 starts with 6.05% of the initial supply ready to claim. Eigen Foundation has already announced the next stakedrop season plans and is considering distributing 8.95% of the initial token supply for ecosystem participation.

This guide will explain how to participate in the ecosystem and secure EigenDA and other AVS that will soon accept $EIGEN as staking collateral.

How to choose the operator for $EIGEN

While $EIGEN can secure ONLY EigenDA it doesn't matter how many AVS supports your operator (because your $EIGEN stake won't participate in securing other AVS except EigenDA). A few considerations to take into account:

  1. It's important that the operator plans to onboard more AVS using $EIGEN, which is coming according to EigenLayer announcements.
  2. you can delegate all your staked assets only to one operator, including restated natively ETH, LST, and $EIGEN. Therefore, if you already opted in for some operator previously, you don't need to do that again; after depositing $EIGEN to the EigenLayer smart contracts, it will be automatically delegated to an operator you have already chosen.
  3. since you can't choose separate operators for your restaked ETH and $EIGEN, in case you have restaked $ETH it makes sense to opt-in operator best suited both for restaked ETH and restaked $EIGEN

Two options if you decided to stake with P2P.org

  1. Renzo x P2P.org operator for ONLY $EIGEN restaking. - supports all intersubjective AVSes. It's only EigenDA now, but expecting more in the near future. On top of that, this operator has an additional incentive from our partner Renzo - 100 ezPoints for every 100 $EIGEN staked.

    How to restake with P2P x Renzo operator -> step-by-step guide
  2. P2P.org [all AVS] operator for ETH and $EIGEN restaking. It doesn't have a Renzo ezPoints incentive, but supports all AVS securing both your ETH and $EIGEN stake, thus maximizing your farming opportunities.

    How to restake with this operator P2P.org[all AVS] -> step-by-step guide

1.Renzo x P2P.org operator for ONLY $EIGEN staking guide

We proudly announce that we are partnering with Renzo to provide users with better UX and increase farming opportunities. Renzo makes staking your $EIGEN and giving you ezPoints as incentive while P2P.org ensures validator infrastructure uptime and manages associated risks of securing EigenDA

1.Check eligibility & claim $EIGEN https://claims.eigenfoundation.org/. You have to connect the wallet and accept the Terms to do that. Note you will need to turn off the VPN to do that.

  1. Go to Renzo dApp and connect wallet https://app.renzoprotocol.com/portfolio
  1. Stake your $EIGEN. You will need to sign three txs to do that.
  1. Receive 100 ezPoints for every 100 $EIGEN staked with Renzo.

2.P2P.org [all AVS] operator for ETH and $EIGEN staking guide

1.Check eligibility & claim $EIGEN https://claims.eigenfoundation.org/. You have to connect the wallet and accept the Terms to do that. Note you will need to turn off VPN to do that.

  1. After you claim tokens visit https://app.eigenlayer.xyz/restake/EIGEN and enter the amount that you'd like to deposit and push delegate button
  1. Once the deposit is successful, click on the Delegate button. (If you have restaked ETH and you have already delegated it to an operator, you're done - your EIGEN is automatically delegated to that same operator)
  1. Go to P2P.org [all AVS] delegator's page
  2. Click Delegate to initiate a delegation.

Stakedrop EigenLayer FAQ

Overview | EigenFoundation
What is a stakedrop? An airdrop designed for EIGEN staking. Learn more about staking here.

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