P2P.org Welcomes OKX Wallet Web Extension Integration for Simplified Staking

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P2P.org is pleased to announce our new partnership with the OKX Wallet Web Extension, marking a significant milestone in making non-custodial staking more accessible and user-friendly to everyone. This integration with OKX, a leading cryptocurrency wallet owned and operated by OKX Exchange, enables users to connect with P2P.org's non-custodial staking and network validation services with unparalleled ease and security.

Experience the Synergy of P2P.org and OKX Wallet in Just a Few Clicks

Leveraging the seamless interface of the OKX Wallet Web Extension, users can now engage with P2P.org's platform in mere minutes:

1. Download and Set Up: Initiate by downloading the OKX Wallet extension for Chrome or Firefox and securely create or import your wallet.

  * Chrome web store download address:     https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/okx-wallet/mcohilncbfahbmgdjkbpemcciiolgcge

  * Firefox browser add-ons download address: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/okexwallet/

2. Fund Your Wallet: Easily add funds through a direct transfer, QR code scan, or from OKX to the OKX Wallet Web Extension.
3. Connect and Go: Finally, connect your OKX Wallet to P2P.org's official web app to access our platform's features securely.

Unified Vision for a Decentralized Future

Through this partnership, we're not just offering a tool but bridging the legacy of P2P.org's robust staking infrastructure with OKX's innovation in simplifying cryptocurrency adoption. Our unified aim is to deliver a superior, multi-chain experience that upholds privacy, security, and user sovereignty.

Your Safety, Our Priority

We at P2P.org, in alignment with OKX's commitment to security, remind users to safeguard their seed phrases and passwords. Our integration with OKX Wallet ensures you have a trusted companion for your staking strategy.

As P2P.org and OKX Wallet redefine the approach to Web3 services, we invite you to be part of this transformative journey. For a full breakdown of how to set up and manage your OKX Wallet Web Extension, please visit OKX Official Medium Post:


Contact our 24/7 customer service on Telegram for support or inquiries.

To speak with OKX Wallet customer support, please visit:


English: https://discord.gg/e6EyvM5QwM
Chinese: https://discord.com/invite/hkCGKbbbqf

[email protected]

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