Elrond (EGLD) Guide Using Maiar Mobile Wallet

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We have created a step-by-step guide to help you stake Elrond (EGLD)  using the Maiar mobile wallet.

Create your Elrond Wallet

Start by heading over to the Maiar website and download the app. The app is available for both Android and IoS devices.

Once you have downloaded the app, launch it and press continue until you reach this screen:

After you click “create a new wallet”, you will be prompted to input your phone number. A verification code will be sent to you. Input the code and your wallet will be all set up. Now all you have to do is deposit funds into the wallet.

Deposit EGLD

There are 2 ways to fund the wallet. You can use the original wallet address or the herotag associated with your wallet. The herotag can only be used if you are receiving funds from another Maiar wallet.

To find the address, click on eGold on the main screen and select deposit.

Stake EGLD

To stake, click on the button located on the bottom middle of the screen:

A drop down menu will appear. Once there click "Earn":

This new screen displays your current delegations and rewards. Proceed by clicking “Stake”:

Search for P2P validator from the list of staking providers and select it before pressing continue:

Input the amount that you want to stake and press continue. Please note that the minimum amount is 1 EGLD:

A confirmation screen will pop-up. Once you verify that everything is in order press stake. After waiting a few seconds for the transaction to be confirmed you should now be staking. You can confirm by going to the previous screen where you will see your active staking:

Thats it! You will start receiving rewards at the end of the next epoch with each epoch lasting 24 hours. Please note that you will have to manually claim your rewards.

About P2P Validator

P2P Validator is a world-leading non-custodial staking provider with the best industry practices and proven expertise. We provide comprehensive due-diligence of digital assets and offer only high class staking opportunities securing more than 4 billion of USD value at the time of the latest update.

P2P Validator is trusted by over 24,000 delegators across 25+ networks. We are a major player in all networks we support because of our experience, commitments and our reputation. We pay special attention to the process of governance.

Want to stake Elrond (EGLD) with us? Visit https://p2p.org/elrond to find out more about Elrond staking.

If you have any questions, feel free to join our Telegram chat, we are always open for communication.

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