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Earn additional rewards in EigenLayer network by native Ethereum restaking

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What is restaking?

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Eigenlayer is a revolutionary protocol designed to enhance the utility of staked ETH on Ethereum. It allows users to leverage their existing Ethereum stakes to secure additional protocols and applications without the need for additional collateral. At its core, Eigenlayer introduces 'restaking', a mechanism that enables the reuse of ETH or Liquid Staking Tokens (LST) in securing multiple services with the same capital. This advancement aims to create a decentralized trust marketplace, connecting restakers, operators, and builders, thereby enriching the Ethereum experience and fostering a more interconnected blockchain landscape.

Learn more on EigenLayer documentation

Benefits of restaking

Restakers enjoy the benefit of earning extra yield. Like staking ETH for Ethereum validation, committing assets to the Eigen Layer through restaking also entails potential rewards and penalties for each service validated. In Eigenlayer model, users can get diffenent amount of revards, based on AVS to which they opt-in securing.

Since mainnet in not yet lunched, users earn Restaked points. Restaked points are a measure of your contribution to the shared security of the EigenLayer ecosystem. They are a measure of staking participation equal to the time-integrated amount staked.

Learn more about restaking EigenLayer points

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Why to restake with P2P.org

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P2P.org is deeply partnered with Eigenlayer, having skin in the game since the Eigen Layer inception starting with participating in governance as one of 13 community multisig members, co-hosting conferences, and ending by quickest adopting new technologies making us the largest native restaking provider. At this moment 20% P2P.org staking dApp clients already restaked their ETH, locking more than $100M TVL in Eigen Layer.

Both with this, our partnership wirh Renzo has led to the successful integration of P2P.org as the second node operator on Renzo's Mainnet (integration is pivotal, allowing us to extend Ethereum's economic security across all EigenLayer AVS) that allowed to attract 50,000ETH staked together in less than one month!


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Direct Eigenlayer restaking

Natively restake in our Ethereum staking dAPP and increase your APR using MEV relays!

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API restaking with Eigenlayer

Enhance your platform with our Restaking API for seamless integration into the EigenLayer protocol. Ideal for custodians, exchanges, and B2B wallets, it automates restaking, ensures qualification for EigenLayer rewards, and provides early access to AVS integrations.

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How to restake in dApp?

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Step 1

Enter Ethereum staking dAPP and connect your Web3 wallet.

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Step 2

Create your EigenPod address in dAPP interface, or insert already existing one.

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Step 3

Confirm transaction and earn Staking rewards and Restaking points!

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We have a simple guide for restaking. You can check it here.

Restaking, while offering additional rewards, also brings with it inherent risks. Validators participating in restaking face potential penalties from both Ethereum and EigenLayer if they violate network consensus rules. Moreover, validators’ withdrawal credentials are tied to EigenLayer's upgradeable Eigenpod smart contracts, introducing a further element of complexity and risk.

For now, extra rewards are distributed by Eigenlayer in Restaking points. Restaking points are a measure of your contribution to the shared security of the EigenLayer ecosystem, the temporary proof of your participation in Eigenlayer network. You will receive Restaking points in your Eigenpod during restaking process.

Restaking points are a measure of staking participation equal to the time-integrated amount staked in units of ETH*hours. You can read more about how this share is measured in Eigenlayer documentation about Restaking points here.

After validators are exited from Ethereum network, your ETH transfers to EigenPod address, and after 7 days lock period you can withdraw them from.