Manta Atlantic, part of the Manta Network, is a cutting-edge decentralized blockchain layer emphasizing privacy and compliance. It specializes in Zero-Knowledge proofs, offering features like zkNFTs and a unique dual address system to ensure secure and private digital identities and transactions.

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Reward frequency6 hours

1 MANTA0.924356 USD

Unbonding period7 days

P2P Fee10%

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$ 9,244
Annualized reward36%
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  • Daily earnings6.31 MANTA$ 6
  • Monthly earnings192 MANTA$ 177
  • Yearly earnings2,304 MANTA$ 2,130

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Frequently Asked Questions

Manta Network is a blockchain platform focused on privacy-preserving decentralized applications and blockchain interoperability.

Rewards on the Manta network are distributed at the end of each era, lasting 6 hours, and are paid automatically after 2 eras (rounds).

There is a 7-day lock-out period for unstaking, during which you will not receive staking rewards.

No, there is no slashing for delegators.

The minimum take required for a delegator is 500 Manta.

No, staking rewards are not compounded automatically.

The approximate inflation rate is 2% per year.

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